Week Ending 8th May

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With new announcements pending this weekend and so there being a possible change in the advice regarding staying safe, we will most likely be updating our Covid-19 pages in the coming week. We will try to sign-post changes here in our News Category for forum members but it will be well worth a regular check of our Coronavirus (COVID-19) pages on the web site before posting any new questions.

1. Arthritis Tracker

We launched our new mobile app the Arthritis Tracker earlier this week. It provides 24/7 access to trusted information and advice for young people between 13 and 25. It helps young people to rate and record their arthritis symptoms in seconds and track their pain, medication side effects, energy levels, activity, sleep and emotional wellbeing.

The News article on the web site can be read here.

Inside info has it that hundreds of people have downloaded it in just a few days. There are already requests coming in via social media for a version "for the oldies", as one person put it 😃

2. Hot Tips

  • Activity Wall - We will be telling you more about your Activity Wall in your profile next week. There will be an example to look at and we will be making some suggestions as to what you can post here that is different from your posts in the main categories.
  • Notifications - if you want to tag someone using @username in a post, they will see a link appear in their Notifications when they next come to the Community. The mention must be in blue for the notification to work.

3. Getting Attention

Hi everyone, its lovely to see you!

With the continuing large number of new members to our Community it can sometimes be quite hard to get some attention for your question or request for help. Our Online Community team and wonderful group of Volunteer Moderators read all your posts and welcome everyone joining. We also try to signpost help to questions where there has not been a response, which is a different type of post in the New Discussion button (check out the arrow option).

It has been interesting to see some more inventive ways of getting attention: making the title of the Discussion post stand out. Some notable examples we have seen are:

We look forward to more interesting titles to posts from all of you 😃

4. Helplines Thanks

The wonderful people at Helplines do a fantastic job. What with all that is happening, they answer a huge number of phone calls every day. Its great when we see Community members come back to tell us how helpful they have been:

5. My Quarantine Routine

Our campaign It’s not alright – it’s arthritis has now had over 38,000 people sign up and has made the headlines in both national press and local media. The advertising and radio promotions continue and articles featuring ordinary people with arthritis are being read around the country. Here is an example from Tuesday's Metro online (news web site with ads)

Stay safe. Stay well.