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Hi all,
I'm new to this. I was diagnosed in January with "mild degeneration" in my right hip, but the pain and debilitation has progressed very rapidly since then. I was due to have my first NHS physio appointment at the start of April but it was cancelled due to Covid-19. I had a telephone consultation instead, where I was advised to keep on taking painkillers and doing an exercise programme which I was already doing, to no effect. My first "face to face" physio appointment won't happen now for several months, apparently. A family member has kindly offered to pay for me to see a private physiotherapist after locked (which is beyond my budget!), but is there any point? Can physio help much in my situation? Any advice would be welcome! Thank you.


  • Trish9556
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    I personally would take all the help you are offered , it could be long time before you get to have an NHS appointment and one appointment might just give the help, ear and advice you need right now. Stay safe xx

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    Thank you!