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Once upon a time, I was a guitarist.I used to draw cartoons, that got published. I wrote several letters a week. I had good handwriting. I also made jewellery. Then I developed osteoarthritis. Began in my right thumb. Twinges at first; then serious pain. Now, my thumb & index finger are very distorted and painful. There's no relief from the pain.


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    Hi megi56

    Welcome to the Arthritis Community,so sorry you are going through a lot of pain at the moment,we understand what you are going through as we all have various levels of pain and various forms of Arthritis it is good sometime to talk to others who have similar symptoms as yourself.

    The most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat.

    All the best with everything Christine

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  • Hi Megi56

    Know your pain started in my knee now in my thumb n wrist and going for x-ray as looks like it's in my hip now.

    The pain is constant but yep not being able to do the things we once did is a bumma i start injections in a few weeks in my wrist i will let you know how it goes.

    Take care

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    Pain needn’t be a ‘constant’ ! There are many ways of dealing with it, a search through the thousands of posts on the forum is a good start, talking to the staff on here, reading the information sheets, prescription pills, cognisant skills, Pain Therapy Course, various forms of physical therapy to name but a few. A lot depends on your willingness to learn and understand them.

    I lived with pain for most of my life before I went on courses and even then took things with a very large pinch of salt but they are there to help you.

    its a grin, honest!

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    Hi I have inflammatory osteoarthritis which I've had for a few years it effects my feet,hands,shoulder and hips I've just started on having cortisone injection again but the problem I'm really having is the way it effects my hands ,there's not one finger or thumb on any hands that isn't deformed and I'm finding it hard to find pain relief which helps.can anyone offer any advice thanks.

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    Hi @Saj

    Hi good to meet you sorry about your pain it can take time to find the right combination of meds to sort it out.

    What DMARD are you on? Hydroxy? MTX? First of all you need that as good as possible then pain relief and an anti-inflammatory. A lot can get by on paracetamol for pain and ibuprofen anti-inflam. I can't as my stomach can't cope with normal anti-inflams so I take arcoxia one of the newer types which is gentler on the stomach. I still take a 'stomach protecting' lansoprazole too. I am currently prescribed bu-trans patches which come in different strengths and last 7 days so in theory no breakthrough pain.

    Some people try wax hand baths for their hands, some like splints and others get on well with injections like you are resuming.

    Others may have some better suggestions.

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    Hi @Saj welcome to the Online Community.

    @frogmorton has mentioned quite a few of the different ways some people manage pain in their hands and wrists. You may also like to check out the information on Hand and Wrist pain that has useful points on trying out heat/cold packs, gentle exercises and information on specific conditions:

    Do join in across the Community, ask questions or call in for a chat to let us know how you are getting on.

    All best wishes


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    Hi @Megi56 , sorry to hear how it’s affected so many things you love. It’s so hard giving them up, things that you felt were part of your identity. Before OA ate my hip, I used to walk up mountains and trek in places like the Himalayas. I can’t even walk round a field now. Or ride a horse, or paddle a kayak,.even strolling around between coffee bars sightseeing is out of the question atm. I try not to think about it too much and live in the moment instead, finding new pleasures where I can. But it is hard. Perhaps we should swap hobbies?

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    Now that's a good idea.

    A friend on here said that if you have to give up something you enjoy then try to replace it with something new, I have done that lately and though i had no time for knitting when I was younger if I use big needles and chunky wool with an easy pattern (I'm still learning!) I can enjoy myself. I also try to think of the things I didn't enjoy doing, like vacuuming, that I don't do now so I keep a bit of perspective.

    I'm going to have a go at cross stitch again soon, even if I can only do one length at a time I can choose smaller 'makes' and still enjoy them - maybe a christmas tree decoration?


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    Hi I’ve not heard of inflammatory arthritis before. I have pain in similar places to you and I’m finding it really hard to get diagnosed because my x rays are coming back normal? Can I ask did it take a while before you were diagnosed or was it straight forward. As I’m really struggling and feel like I’m not being taken seriously thank you 😊