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Hello I’m new to the site my name is Margaret


  • EllenEllen Posts: 284 mod
    edited 12. May 2020, 10:00

    Hello Margaret @Marge63

    A warm welcome to the Versus Arthritis online Community.

    I see from your other post that you have Osteoarthritis in your spine and have been Social Distancing for 7 weeks.

    Although I am fairly sure you will know most of this I am attaching a link to our information on Osteoarthritis of the spine:

    I hope you find the forum useful, I''m sure you will, and look forward to seeing your posts in future.

    Best wishes


  • Thankyou

  • Hi my name is margaret I suffer really bad osteoporosis atharitis In my spine my witch means I have limited walking witch means I’m in a wheelchair witch means I can’t get out much

  • LilymaryLilymary Posts: 543 ✭✭✭

    Hi Margaret, I'm sorry to hear your arthritis and osteoporosis have affected you so badly. It's a wretched condition. I hope you're able to manage the pain at least. Do keep coming on here and sharing how your feel or what you've been doing, or asking questions. It's a great place to come where everyone understands how these conditions feel. I hope you can at least spend a bit of time outside in the fresh air when weather allows, even if it's just sitting in the garden watching bees and sparrows. They give me endless entertainment, and it's a good reminder that however rubbish we're feeling, however little we're able to do, we're all still part of this amazing planet.

  • Good morning, and hello,i have arthritis in my left knee,

  • Aj_xAj_x Posts: 105 mod

    Morning @Alexwithey1

    Welcome to the Online Community Form and Thank You for finding us.

    Ive noticed you are already finding yourself around the different forums and commenting on the posts.

    What kind of arthritis do you have?

    Hope you manage to find some comfort in the discussion and the forum in general.

    If you would like to speak to someone in person then I have attached the Helpline Number:

    0800 5200 520

    Thanks & Stay Safe


  • frogmortonfrogmorton Posts: 25,825 ✭✭✭

    Hello @Alexwithey1

    Nice to meet you and welcome you to the Community we are a friendly bunch and support each other any way we can.


    Toni xxx
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