My husband has Arthritis

Please can you tell me i f their are any forums for the partners of people living with Arthritis. I found one for parents of children but i cant seem to find one for partners. Thanks x


  • Mike1
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    There isn't a separate one but you can post in any of them as your other half is inflicted.

  • Lilymary
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    Hi Helena, I expect there are others on this forum in your position, and the rest of us may be able to share some useful info, or a sympathetic ear.

  • CS123
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    My partner has arthritis. He feels unsupported ( he may be right). His condition is poor and he is in constant pain. I try and help but he doesn't feel I'm focusing on the right things. He is no longer able to work and has experienced depression again at points since diagnosis - he has been to counselling for this (2 years ago diagnosed, counselling about 2 months ago for 6 weeks). I don't know how to help him and our relationship is now no longer in an acceptable state. I don't know how much more of this I can take. If I list issues to discuss them it feels like I'm making excuses for the problems we have. I desperately want to help but constantly get knocked back for helping with the wrong things or not offering the help he wants.
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    Hello everyone,

    If you are new to the Online Commnity Forum then I would like to Welcome you. There are other members that have partners with arthritis. Even though physically if affects one person, emotionally it can affect a family or a partnership.

    Sometimes it is difficult to know what to say and what you think is the right things turns out to be the wrong things and all hell breaks lose.

    The Helpline number is below for those that wish to speak to some 0800 5200 520

    There is also the Versus Arthritis Website which you could look up information regarding your partners arthritis or even how to deal with depression etc

    There are also other forums that can help with depression aswell. Don't ever feel you or your partner are alone. Feel free to come back and post anytime.