Got my blue badge sorted!

Hello everyone,

I hope alls well, I have had a little victory today. I have managed to get my blue badge and travel pass approved. I started this journey with OA just over 12 months ago. It feels nice that finally support is dropping into place. The lady that appoved my badge rang my and asked a few questions, but was really understanding aswell.

I've got my application for PIP going through the system at the moment, so am hopin this goes well. I'm also hoping my employer is going to allow me to work from home a little bit more. Its been a battle this past year but im hoping things are going to turn around.

Stay safe all!



  • Andy71
    Andy71 Member Posts: 3
    That sounds great I want to apply for these things but have never claimed anything before so a little wary of it my employer is absolutely useless they have no empathy whatsoever so well done to you
  • historynut
    historynut Member Posts: 28

    To be fair, it's taken me nearly a year to get it all sorted. Being Furloughed & stuck inside for nearly three months has helped me get things on the move.

    Sometime you just have to be persistent with employers, I have with mine and in a better position now. But saying that i know how awkaward it can feel asking for things sometimes. Have you looked at union support/acas & scope are usefull.