Is exercise a flare trigger?.



So even though I am always tired, I started eating better and easing back into exercising. Child's play compared to what I used to do. Five min. on the elliptical, working up to 14. Some days I could do 5, some days not. But it got better. Did the full 14 a couple of times last week. So then I decided to do a 15 min. cardio thing that I could do in my sleep a couple years ago. I took it slow. I kept in low impact. I was careful. Nothing hurt all that much during the 15 min. I did not get the high I used to get after exercise, it pretty much wiped me out, but I was proud that I did it.

The next day......and still today, 3 days later....I feel like I got hit by a bus. Yes, muscle soreness, but I don't count that as I know what that is and consider it normal and good even. But my elbows, toes, hips that had calmed down a bit are screaming again. And the fatigue is extreme. I just want. to. sleep. Or lay down and do nothing at least. All day.




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    Hi Iosman

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    Hope all goes well with you take care Christine

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    Exercise can cause my OA to worsen if I overdo things, which is not the same as a flare of my auto-immune. When that flares it lasts for weeks whereas my aggravated OA eases after a few hours or days. Over the years I have learned to do a little every day, even on the bad days caused by the weather and always to stop when I think I can do more. Rest up, take your pain relief, keep hydrated and I hope things impove soon. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Maybe it was a bit too soon?

    I would definitely rest now and take the exercise much steadier. So hard i know when you used to do so much more and so very very frustrating.

    I hope things are a little better today (())