Claiming PIP for Osteoarthritis of the knees

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I have osteoarthritis in my knees (one worse than the other) and although I am working my friend has suggested that I may be able to get some help by putting in a claim for PIP.

Does anybody have any experience of claiming for PIP for my condition? Is it possible firstly or would I be wasting my time?


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    Hi @Penndav

    A warm welcome to the online community on behalf of our members and all the team.

    You're interested in finding out about claiming PIP and you have OA in your knees. I'm sure you'll soon hear from other members who have claimed PIP (which is a non-means tested disability benefit). In the meantime, the helpline team would be able to offer advice on this if you give them call on 0800 5200 520.

    I look forward to hearing more about you as you browse around the chat rooms. Why not pop in to Val's Cafe for a brew and a blether, or there's a 'Work and Financial' forum where you may find some useful benefits information.

    Best wishes

    MarzMac 😎

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    PIP is measured against your disabilities, i.e. what you can and cannot do as a result of your condition.

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    Mike1 my knees get really stiff when I sit down for too long and are painful when I walk. It is difficult for me to get in and out of the shower (which is in the bath). I have recently started walking with a stick, as they are getting extremely painful. I am taking painkillers and use gel on my knees. My doctor says the next step is a cortisone injection, which I will try but understand they only last for a short time. I can't walk very far without having to stop and sit down. I cannot stand in one position for long at all.

    I work in an office and am currently working from home, but my friend said that I might be able to apply for PIP to help me (the gels cost £8 a time).

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    PIP is designed to help with the addition costs of having a disability; in my case it assists with Home Help, deep tissue massage, chiropodist, aids around the home and numerous other essentials. Check out . The application form is 30+ pages long, you will need supporting evidence/reports and will undergo an assessment. It may be useful to contact the CAB as they often help people with applications.

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    Hi Penndav

    You can still claim pip even if your working, I work full time and get it. I told them at the assessment I was working full time, it didn't go against me. Give it a go you've nothing to lose, good luck.

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    I got PIP for mental health issues for a while. It's worked out on two areas - mobility and social support (each also has a couple of levels of severity). It's completely possible that you could be eligible for some level of both with arthritis. From my experience, I'd suggest making sure you answer the questions on the form and in the assessment interview as if you were talking about the worst of your days. Don't exaggerate necessarily, but do make sure they understand how bad it is at it's worst.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. I'd say it doesn't hurt to apply, but it is a lot of work, so make sure that you're up for that and have support around you. It can be a difficult process to go through, depending on the attitude of who assesses you.

    If in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout

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    I tried to claim pip in 2020, I was told I manage to work full time I cant be that bad. I have severe arthritis in both knees bone on bone, arthritis of the lower spine & also fibromyalgia. I work seasonal in an office, I park as close to the door as I can possibly get. I cant stand for long, I cant walk far, I have understanding work friends that know when im struggling, & help me out. If I received PiP I would stop working. I'm ready to give up work but have always been independent & liked to earn money of my own. PiP would help me to still feel independent until I can claim my pension in just over 2 years time.

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    Hi @Jenwren

    PIP is a working age benefit and your ability to work isn't relevant really. I think you ought to take some advice from someone like Citizen's Advice and think about reapplying.

    Have a look at this:

    Take care

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    I lost my claim for PIP after having DLA for 12 years. A person will turn up for an appointment with you and write a report on your answers, basically they don’t lie but they tell a different version of the truth, a half truth and it won’t be your version.

    You need a ‘friend’ with you to tell your version of events when you have to appeal the decision, the ‘friend’ should be versed in the answers needed by the PIP representatives, the age concern charities do a good job and are used to dealing with the private contracted firms who hold the present brief. You have been warned.

    My pride has stopped me going back for more of a bashing.

    its a grin, honest!

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    Hi Penndav

    sorry to hear to hear about your knees I have it both mine painful but at least you have the support of you work colleagues it’s amazing that a person who isn’t in our shoes can make a decision about how it affects you I would rather work full time and not have the pain and fear over what happens next I’m currently on sick leave at the moment I don’t have support or compassion from my work colleagues , I would rather continue to pay my way but go to citizens advice ask them to help.

    My doctor tells me it’s all documented on my notes as it should be on yours, you should also contact the council for disabled badges your entitled to them fact is you have walking difficulties

    good luck and start thinking of yourself because millions of others do, be kind to you and be strong time to start bashing back now , take care

    Jona 😊

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    I would say apply for pip... base your answers on your worst days..having arthritis is not only physically bad it is mentally too...I have it in both knees and both hands but for now it is new to me...if you were to ask the CAB they'd tell you the same..PIP answers are usually based on what you find restrictive so emphasise this...if refused appeal...

  • Jona
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    Just a little note I appealed and my report said I was a liar and don’t sound like I’m in pain it’s believed by certain officials because it’s a way of stopping any help that’s needed

    my advice is talk to a welfare rights or cab to save humiliation

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    Hi @Penndav I have osteoarthritis in both hips (right worse than left), I've had to give up my job as an office cleaner, as I can't walk very well without a stick and I have great difficulty bending. I applied for PIP upon the recommendation of a job centre advisor back in April. The form is long, but a lot of it doesn't necessarily apply to you, so give it a go, you have nothing to lose. I have my telephone assessment on Tuesday 17th. As previous replies have said to you, you need to imagine one of your worst days and fill out the form (or when you have your assessment , tell them) based on this. I only have Universal Credit to survive on, so I've also applied for extra help through that too. You need to apply for everything you can. Good luck!

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    Hi @Whiskey26 How did the PIP assessment go? I had a phone one last week.

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    PIP for me was a farce. It was nothing more than a couple of pages of lies by the assessor back in 2018.

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    you sound like me i cant work any more as have it every were big knees severe level 5 bone on bone left the worst but can sit to long or stiffen then awful getting up putting weight on have to hold on to couch or wat ever is near and stand a couple of minutes o cant stand for long as my knees lock then ont want to move so painful. and when first get up can't stand or walk far on 2 crutches dint go out hardly and when i do in car been getting cellulitis in my left leg my veins not working properly and getting little ulcers on leg got a bakers smcyst behind left knee inside shown on scan as well and can't every bend my left leg back wen sitting have to always put it up i have 6 months to get bmi down to 39 at least or less then will do my knees need to be fitter as will get better and get over it betttet but not moving hardlt and stopping smoking 5 years ago medication all contributed to me gaining a lot as never been over weight till now it needs to be down to not put pressure on replacement and get the benefit x

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    I applied for pip I have osteoarthritis in my wrists hands knees and feet and back I'm awaiting to be put on meds I was knocked back took it mandatory decision and knocked back .so now I going to a tribunal there reasons for knocking me back my arthritis isn't severe enough on some days I'm bed bound . I cant take naproxen as I'm on stomach medication and the gels as I have psorasis. I'm waiting for occupational therapy to do a home visit to assess what I need but this and my mental health problems doesn't warrant pip. They told me im not in pain and I was so fuming fight it all the way I am as I not going be told that im not in pain and its mild dont worry good luck pray you get it

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    It’s not all negative, I thought my PIP assessor was very fair. I had the 30 page form plus 22 pieces of evidence - hospital discharge notes, list of prescription medications, physio reports, x-Ray results - anything you can think of really. I asked at the time for a full copy of the assessor’s report and was awarded full mobility component with no time limit.

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    I got my pip yesterday they rang me up yesterday before I court offered me standard rate for 2 years by then I will have had my occupational therapy assessment and back to my consultant to sort my meds out it been a hard battle but I got there

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    Hi @Penndav

    I had severe arthritis of the hip (now replaced). I'm now waiting for a new knee. I applied for PIP for my hip, but was turned down despite the fact that I struggled to walk, could not sit for longer than an hour & had constant back ache. The reason? There was not enough medical evidence from my GP that I was in so much pain or disabled by my condition. I only went to my GP when things got really difficult. Make sure you go to your GP regularly with your knee so that the PIP department can see you are truly struggling. Good Luck

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    Hello @Leonie and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    Whilst you are waiting for your knee op you might be interested in our exercise video designed to help pre and post op, see the link below.

    I hope you get your knee sorted soon and yes good advice about going to see the GP regularly as hopefully it will improve the PIP process.

    Best wishes


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