Knee pain (liquid morphine)

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Hello everyone,
I have been suffering for quite some years with mild knee pain which I have managed with regular pain relief. Recently though, I have had a major flare up which has left me in severe pain and on occasions, unable to walk. Due to this covid 19 virus, I am unable to get a cortisone injection as it apparently lowers your immunity to the virus. I have tried cocodamol but it makes me sick so now, the next trial is liquid morphine.
I'd like to hear from anyone that has or is using this and what your thoughts are on the product please and any side effects that you get from it.
Thank you 😊. XxX


  • Ellen
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    Hello @Sandra Welcome to the Online community from me.

    Personally I have very little experience of liquid morphine only post operatively, but I know there are people who use this forum who do/have used it. Until they come along to talk to you I attach the following link:

    You need to scroll to the section on opioid painkillers.

    One thing I do remember is that constipation was a definite side effect for me. Solved by a small glass of prune juice daily.

    Do let us know how you get on

    Take care


  • Mike1
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    I have been on slow-release (MST) and liquid morphine (Oramorph) for years as nothing else works. Although I am on a relatively high dose and have been given clearance from the GP to take as much Oramorph as I like, all it does is knock the edge of the pain. If you ask around most people will tell you that whatever drugs they are on nothing gets rid of the pain. Side effects and efficacy vary from person to person, so far as my experiences are concerned it does not make me tired, neither does it affect my bowel movements.

  • Danni
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    Hi Sandra. I have only just joined the Forum and really feel for you. I take 3 Dipipanone and Cyclizine pills a day ( opioids and anti sickness pills ), 1 Matrifen Patch and then I now also take liquid Oramorph once a day. I have multiple health problems and have had lung cancer and am going for tests on my stomach tomorrow. I have Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis and have had acid reflux for year's so find that the Oramorph makes the burning in my stomach worse and also makes me feel a bit sick . I know other people who take Oramorph and they have no side effects. I think you will have to try it, as different people have different reactions. Make sure that someone Is with you when you take it.

    Good luck and keep safe. All the best. Danni

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    How did you get on @Sandra ?


    Toni xxx
  • dreamdaisy
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    Back in my early days of arthritis I thought I could not tolerate the pain so my GP prescribed oramorph. It had a very limited effect on the pain so I didn't bother and returned to my usual method of ignoring life's physical viccisitudes, namely distraction. The only time it was effective was when I was given a massive dose (in rheumatology under medical supervision) before they drained and steroided my knee. Then I saw the point - and utter uselessness - of it. The pink clouds of care and pain-free joy may be nice but you cannot function as a human whilst floating on them. I've also had medical grade cocaine: that was a blast.

    I am in my twenty-fourth year of arthritis and now cannot imagine a life without pain as so many joints are affected. Pain is a very individual thing, one man's agony is another's mild twinge but whatever the level it is debilitating, demoralising and depressing. I live a happy, contented and reasonably active life despite the pain because I am so used to it. It can be done but at times it isn't easy. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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