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Hi, after a recent flare up I’ve realised I’ll have to bite the bullet and move to a one level house. I take MXt and biologics and as a rule they work 😄 but when they’re not I’m stuck upstairs in my b/room. The council have awarded me the appropriate points but my main fear/issue is how do I physically do it. I don’t have any help. So really my main question is, is there any help out there I can get? Any advice will be welcome. Thank you x


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    Thanks again Mike x
  • ive tryed i dontvno what to do im a single mum of 4 beauitful children my 7 yr boy share a room with 3 sisters 17yr 11yrs 10yr we live 4 lasted 15 yr always been a good tentant i pay all my bills no arrers but i still live 3rd flat i sleep on the sofa have done for yrs irs a small to bed flat but since oct council said not to use one of the rooms due to woodworm still waiting to date and now my mediation has gone up so im bck in shielding aa well as my son being breach delievery his doing well walking and getting better by the day he is on a echp plan at school but its to hard as his sister has adhd and sensor so him is very much suppressed as well as us all as a family who have come through such hard times so far in there little life i feel such a let down to my children my health is worsening i believe due to the guolt i carry its a prison no lift it to much i dont think im coping and the hoildays after the lockdown as well im scared im bidding for council 3 bed hse for 6 mths now im running out of time i fear im all my children have i need to get bck to a health fun my please if this makes any sense to anyone plz help me
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    Hi sinead43ginger

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum and Thank you for getting in contact with us.

    Firstly are you speaking to someone regarding your housing issues, your children and the lack of respite you are getting and also how you are feeling in general?

    Have you spoke to the council regarding the housing? Also do you have either a child or adult social worker to help you? Have you spoke to your consultant regarding any of what is happening at home or your childrens school?

    Now to concentrate on yourself: Trust me you are not a let down. You have kept a roof over your children's head, food in their tummies and given them love and safety and things like those two they can't get from anywhere else but you. For you to make things better for your children you need to feel better about yourself. Love yourself like they love you. Sit down write a list of what needs to be done then number them from the most important downwards. You can only do what your body is letting you do so try not to "run before you can walk" as the saying goes.

    I can relate to you about being in shielding. I have been since the beginning of March. I must admit I haven't got 4 children only the 1 boy. Callum whos 10 but he is enough work for about 10 of them lol. I know it might be difficult but you said you have a 17yr old, maybe she can sit with the children and you just chill with a face mask on? or or a crossword puzzle, read a book? whatever will keep you mind active and not thinking about the things your not meant to be thinking about lol.

    Anyway if you would like to speak to someone then I have posted the Online Versus Arthritis Helpline: 0800 5200 520

    I have also put up the link for the Community Versus Arthritis website. They might have some helpful links or numbers on there aswell. Any problems or issues please let me know

    Take care and Stay Safe