Hi, I’m a first time visitor if anyone has any ideas of coping with the pain of osteoarthritis I’d love to hear from you


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    Greetings. There are loads of posts on the forum about dealing with pain, have a look around and join in.

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    1. Ask for a referral by your GP to the Pain Clinic, if suitable they will put you on a course to help deal with it.
    2. Use the helpline on here.
    3. Use the search facility on the forum, there are thousands of replies to the same questions, over many years.
    4. Carry on using the forum.
    5. Exercise to stabilise the joints by having stronger muscles, ligaments and tendons and stop excess movement which causes wear and tear.
    6. There is often no answer for everyone hence the need to find your own.
    7. keep smiling.

    its a grin, h9nest!

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    @Christian78 this is perfect, its exaclty the pathway ive gone through.

    @Chrissiesusie1 Have you invested in a TENS machine? This gave me some relife when its gotten really bad?

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    Definitely ask GP to be referred to pain clinic, It took me ages to get referral but finally had phone call appointment back in June and I was put forward for pain management course, which Is a two week course and shows you stretches and meditation to help with pain. Also I found Pilates for arthritis on the nhs fitness website and I’ve slowly started to do this. I have OA in all my joints and back. It has definitely helped with my general attitude towards it all and I have better mind set when going to do things.
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    Not sure if it will help or not yet guys but I've started taking green lipped mussel extract as I wait for surgery on my right knee! I have no cartilage left in my knee, it's ? a more natural way of helping you build cartilage again??? Will keep you posted and let you know if it helps!

    Take care of you to all of you xxx

    Wahoo 60