Week Ending 26th June

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No Week Endings for the past fortnight: holidays and arthritis intervened!

This week the weather has been a little warm... Hope you all managed not to melt in the heat and take heart that torrential rain is in the forecast for some over the coming few days.

1. Boom And Bust

This phrase used as the title of an ongoing discussion has particularly drawn attention from readers. It well describes the brilliant "can do" thinking we all go through, only to discover we often have to pay the price of overdoing it as a consequence.

This happens to all of us, from people newly diagnosed to those who are veterans of living with arthritis and other conditions for many tens of years. But, the sense of enjoyment and achievement when boom and bust results in an accomplishment can be fabulous!

Do join the discussion to say what your experience has been.

2. Food Labels Are Important

Particularly struck by this article on why Food Labels Matter. Due to recent lock-down inactivity, personal weight gain has meant a "discarding" of clothing that now seems to be, shall we say, a little too tight. By discarding, I mean of course "putting to the back of the wardrobe for later"...

Do you read food labels? Many of us don’t. Dr Sarah Schenker, a registered dietitian, nutritionist and author of the British Dietetic Association’s food fact sheet on osteoarthritis says:

“When I go shopping, I don’t see many people scrutinising the backs of packets. Part of that’s because labels have become increasingly complicated. There’s so much information on the back of the pack, the font is very small, and you might not understand the ingredients list.”

But checking food labels is well worth it, as it can help you make informed – and a better diet can have a positive impact on your health.

Well worth a read, now that shops are opening up again.

3. Its Not Alright... Its Arthritis

It’s not just “wear and tear”. It’s not just “aches and pains”. It’s not alright – it’s arthritis.

Now standing at more than 57,000... Join us and add your name in support of everyone living with the hidden pain of arthritis.

4. Lighten Up

Just a reminder, as this picture-rich edition of Week Ending shows, there is nothing against linking/posting photos, humorous images, videos or other content in the Online Community, within the limits of the spirit of the Community.

Children will be returning to school soon... at some point... hopefully!

5. Lastly

There are continuing updates on advice regarding the coronavirus. You can see the very latest on our Covid-19 Coronavirus page, and for updates where you are, read our dedicated resources for EnglandNorthern IrelandScotland and Wales.

Stay safe and stay well.