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Boom and bust

A few weeks ago I had a good couple of weeks. I felt energised and maybe did too much physical activities. Then I woke up one morning a few days ago in agony. My knees were so painfull. I felt totally wiped out. I spent 2 days just sat on the sofa with my feet up dozing off every now and then. Iv heard this called /he boom and bust effect. Anybody else experienced this?


  • LilymaryLilymary Posts: 176 ✭✭

    Yes, I can totally relate to this. I did too much at work on Friday, on my feet for 8 hours instead of the planned 4. As soon as I got in the car at the end of the day the real pain started to kick in, and I could barely get up the path when I got home. I’ve spent the last 4 days wiped out on the sofa, throwing back painkillers. Lesson learned... gradually easing myself back into the world again now,

  • It's annoying isn't it. You don't think at the time that your going to suffer later
  • That feeling of *can do* suckers you every time doesn't it. I'm paying the price now and have been for the last 3 solid weeks with a flair in my wrist and fingers, fortunately it's in my left hand and arm or I would be totally snookered.

    Numps x
    Pets come into our lives, and then leave paw-prints on our hearts.
  • LilymaryLilymary Posts: 176 ✭✭

    I don’t learn, did far too much in the garden on Saturday and my entire body was welded to the mattress on Sunday. Woke up at 11.30. My husband had already been out for a run and was getting ready to go out again when I woke up. 🙄

  • It's hard when the body won't keep up with the mind!🥴
  • YvonneHYvonneH Posts: 322 admin

    Lesson for me to learn too, just lost a weekend! Ended up with a migraine type headache and it was easier to say which joints weren't hurting so much than which were!

    One day … although after over 15 years possibly not

    Take care everyone

    Yvonne x

  • LilymaryLilymary Posts: 176 ✭✭

    That sounds miserable Yvonne, hope you’re feeling better now,

  • Airwave!Airwave! Posts: 2,324

    This is a well known symptom of arther, we all have to accept what we can do and change our lifestyle. Although I’d been doing it for the last forty odd years it wasn’t till I went on a Pain Clinic course that it was revealed in such stark reality by the tutors. Sounds like you need a GPs referral to the course?

    its a grin, honest!

  • The phrase spirit is willing should come with a health warning as the body is so often not even on the same page. I have got back to physio led pilates after 10 weeks absence ( not my choice I wasn't included in the group) and it has taken me 2 weeks to realise the day my session is in the evening DON'T DO MUCH OVER THE DAY YOU IDIOT!! I did the first weeks and felt I had been hit by a bus, it took a couple of days for my body to get over the shock just in time for the second session of the week. My muscles still feel like jelly much of the time and I feel like I have lost a great deal of strength I hope it comes back quickly as it took me 3 years to get as good as I was before the lockdown. Just finished a session so I am off for a cup of tea and I think I have earned a biscuit too.

  • I tend to look at what I can still manage to do, it surprised me how much I can manage. I get more out of an hour a day in the garden than I ever did by tackling the thing like a military manoeuvre. I never liked or was any good at decorating, so having a legitimate excuse for not doing any is fine by me. I struggle to get in and out of low slung cars, so I now drive a far more suitable SUV, and guess what? I much prefer it. I have my 5 miles a day dog walk, I occasionally get back pain towards the end of it, but how is a 73 year old (on Sunday) expect to feel?

    All in all I’m still here, breathing, eating and drinking, some aren’t

  • Hope you have a good birthday on Sunday Crookesey.

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