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Hi, my name is Christine and this is my first time here, if anyone has any ideas what could help with osteoarthritis all over your body I’d love to hear from you, plus I’ve started to have the odd fall recently for no reason


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    Hi Christine, I’m Tanya also new on here and have osteoarthritis, just turned 45, I’m also Looking for a bit of help trying all sorts at the minute from pills, gels to aromatherapy, my hands are really bad can’t open anything for myself, hopefully we will get some good advice on how to help us, take care
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    Hi Christine, i’ve only officially got it in my hips at the moment, but I’m pretty sure it’s also in my knees and neck, as they are seizing up rapidly, but not too painful yet. My knees have been grumbling for years but my hip has barged its way to the front of the queue. What has your doc/consultant recommended for you? There are some good tips on this site and tips from other sufferers that you should find helpful.

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    Greetings. I have widespread OA too plus a few other problems and regularly become unstable, drop things and so on. Over the years I have tried everything in an attempt to find something that helps the pain, as we are all different it is worth trying anything no matter how wacky some may seem. Regrettably I have found nothing yet so just have to rely on morphine and my wheelchair, but if I come across something else I would consider giving it a go.

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    Hello from me too welcome Christine 🙂

    I suspect the mods will move this thread onto the Living with arthritis part @Chrissiesusie1 but you'll be able to find it because of this @ before your name.

    I recommend doing your range of movement exercises every day if you can

    The only thing that worries me is your falls....might be worth asking to see a physio? You might need some walking aids maybe? safety first?

    Take care

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    Hello everyone I am suffering from intense pai. In my right knee the slightest movement causes unbearable pain does anyone have any ideas as to what I can take to ease the pain as I cannot get out of bed is this my osteoarthritis or could it be something else I am taking co- codamol but it has no effect other than making me extremely drowsy.
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    Hi Derek

    Welcome to the forum,pain is all consuming and we all understand what you are going through,if the pain is as bad as you describe maybe you should go back to your GP who might find a solution for you.Meanwhile you could ring our help line on 0800 5200 520.Take a look round our forum and chat to others and maybe find some answers.

    Hope all goes well for you and please let us know how you get on


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    Hi @Derek

    Welcome to the community from me too nice to meet you.

    My worry is how long is it since you have seen/spoken to your GP? It's not at all good if you can't get out of bed😕 Does your GP know it's this bad? There options other than just being given co-codamol and left to get on with it. Are you well otherwise? Have you got a high temperature for instance?

    It might be (if it's years since your diagnosis or last Xray) that things have got worse than your GP knows. He/she could refer you to a physiotherapist or a pain clinic (they know the most about pain) or an orthopaedic consultant for an opinion.

    Please do get back to your GP and ask for more help - tell them just how bad it is they wouldn't want to hear you are trapped in your bed.

    As Chris R says do let us know how you get on and take care

  • Derek
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    Thank you to everyone for your help and answers, I have spoken to my GP and explained my situation but he has no other option than taking the pain killers he prescribed, I had this same experience last year where I had to get to the hospital in agony but there answer was you have osteoarthritis and I was given a small cup containing 6 pills I was told to take and make my way home, I have had problems with all my joints recently and find this extremely painful to the extent that I don’t move just to avoid the pain, I am sure there must be something that would calm or take the edge off the pain to make life easier but have not yet been given an option other than co-codamol.

    Thanks again everyone
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    Go back to your GP and ask to be referred to the Pain Clinic.

  • Derek
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    Thanks Mike I’ll call him tomorrow.
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    Derek do let us know how you get on. Blame it on us when you ask him!

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    New on here and so many of your posts strike a chord. I have OA in my knees, hands, neck and newly diagnosed in my ankle. I am currently nearing the top of the list for my first knee replacement and would be interested to know how surgery has improved people's lives. I feel that all people want to tell me are negative things about joint surgery; it's really demoralising and depressing. I currently take Naproxen and Co-codamol and use Voltarol on my joints, I'm still in pain the majority of the time, so I'm hoping the surgery will at least alleviate some of the pain

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    Hi @LesleySW and welcome to the online community,

    Many of our members have experience of living with OA and several have also undergone replacement surgery. We've all had different experiences but on the whole I think you'll find most people have had positive experiences and results. I have RA, so slightly different from you, and over the past 30 years I have had nine operations for replacement joints ( not the knee though!) Without exception, they have all gone well and my life has been improved after every operation. For me, taking prescribed painkillers, not overdoing it, gentle physio and having patience were the key factors in my rehabilitation.

    Please do let us know how you get on with your replacement surgery, and while you're waiting for others to join in to chat, you could check out the Versus Arthritis web page on replacement knee surgery.

    Best wishes, Anna

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    Welcome from me 🙂

    I have only had back surgery so far so can't judge too well except that my own daughter at 18 and 19 had hip surgery and anew shoulder joint. She has not looked back.

    Yes it was painful the prodedures and the recovery tough, but ATM she is doing very very well and does not regret it at all.

    She faces a lifetime of revisions no doubt being so young, but it was worth the hard work.

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    Hi Derek

    I am Carol (turbogran) I too have osteoarthritis in my spine and right knee and my ankles although they don’t give me any problems. You need to go back to the dr don’t take what he says he can also give you an anti inflammatory as well as the co codamol . I have naproxen there are many other types of pain relief too . As others have said ask him to refer you to a physio or a pain clinic who can help. Hope you get it sorted out soon. It not good that you Don’t move for fear of pain.

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    I have OA in my spine and co-co really wasn't doing anything eventually they put me on tramadol after testing many things and that seems to take the sharpness out of it, I was referred to the pain clinic before goodbold covid hit and slowly going through the motions

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    Hi @Martinez welcome to the Online Community.

    Agreed, finding the right set of treatments for you that provides some relief can take quite a time. What works for one person just doesn't seem to help for someone else!

    We have a great page on the website that gives an overview for osteoarthritis, including managing symptoms, pain and suggested exercise.

    Do join in across the discussions, give advice, call in for a chat and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes


  • Hi there

    This is the first time I have been back since the new website.

    I have osteoarthritis of the left knee, medication has been prescribed which I take periodical throught out the day at regular intervals.

    Can anyone recommend a good knee support as there are so many out there to choose from , at the moment I wearing Dr Arthritis support it does help but looking for something else.

    Thank you for all of your help with this matter

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    Something best left to a Physio or Orthotist I'm afraid because there are so many out there, some no better than tissue paper. Good old Tubigrip helps me.

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    These should only be worn for limited periods otherwise they will do the supporting and not your joint. Joints (ligaments, tendons and muscles normally do the job) can be strengthened with exercise.

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    If you need a brace or support then your GP or OT should sort one out for you. My baby Sister has stage 4 OA in her knee and has been told that she has to wait until she is 67 for a knee replacement and she is only 58 now, at least her Consultant sorted out a made to measure brace for her which had to be made in Iceland - the Country not the shop!

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    My physio used to say they're only good for keeping your knees warm. But maybe there are better ones out there these days?

  • My right knee support is more than just keeping it warm, it helps stabilize me and keep pain lower...I use supports over the topicals I use on my joints.

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    Hello everyone, I am new here. Apologies for rambling but I'm not sure who to turn to and am so worried. Hope I am posting in the right thread.

    I'm posting on behalf of my dear mum. She has suffered from osteoarthritis for years, specifically in her knees and although in severe pain, this has been managed by medication thus far. However over the last 2 weeks, the pain in her left knee has been so severe (worse than childbirth she said) that on 2 separate occasions she was unable to move and no painkillers were touching it. I ended up phoning for an ambulance both times. The second time she was kept in hospital overnight, had blood tests and x-rays. They have said that her left knee has degenerated to such an extent that she needs a knee replacement. She has gone from being able to (with difficulty) get up and down the stairs and around the house, driving, picking up some shopping etc to now essentially being bed bound. Unable to put any weight on the left leg, the right leg (knee also affected by OA) is worryingly taking the strain. She has a walker and a commode. She is only 69. She is being urgently referred to orthopaedics and is on a waiting list for a physiotherapist to assess her at home.

    My concern is, is this it now? She is overweight and has atrial fibrillation for which she is on warfarin, so would they even operate on her? I am only 38 and we don't have anyone else. It's just the two of us. I am petrified that she will see out her days in bed and that her right knee will also go and she will just be left like that, unable to do anything and that I will need to juggle being a carer with full-time work. I am petrified and am typing whilst tears stream down my face. She is already very depressed, understandably and does not see the point in living. As she says, this is an existence not a life.

    I am not looking for anything to be sugar-coated so if you have any words of wisdom, please be honest with me. Thank you so much x

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    Hi @Alicja, welcome to the online community!

    Your mother has got Osteoarthritis in both knees - but recently her left knee got severe enough she needed to go to hospital and now she has been put forward for a knee replacement. You are worried if she will be allowed a replacement, given her other health conditions, and you are worried about both of you lives now that this has become so severe.

    Whether your mother will be operated on is dependant on your local area and surgeon. Some local areas state that patients cannot be clinically obese, but others do not. Even then I believe some of those will still operate in emergency situations. My only advice here is to talk to your GP and any specialists your mother sees and be completely honest about your worries, see if they can offer you advice or tell you what will happen next with regards to the knee replacement. I personally know how hard it is to loose weight when your mobility is hindered, as do other members of the community, and doctors will help you if you show that you are trying.

    I'd also say that you need to look after yourself as well as your mother. Being a carer is a huge job, regardless of what else you do, and even if you love the person you care for it doesn't lessen the amount of effort it costs, nor the worry you feel. Your own health is just as important as your mothers, mental as well as physical, so make sure to give yourself time to breathe and calm down, do something just for yourself. Versus Arthritis has some information for carers in the below link ,and I would highly recommend calling out helpline team on 0800 5200 520. Call to us are free (Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 8:00pm). They should be able to give you a good idea of what can happen next and support you as well.

    On a slightly more positive note, my mother has had a knee replacement, and it has truly made a large difference for her. She has less pain and is more able now than before. There is a lot of work that goes into it - not just getting the actual surgery but doing the exercises they give you afterwards to make sure your new joint is properly supported by your body as well as vice-versa. But it is a good option and can have excellent results when all goes well. Here's some more information about knee replacements which may give you a place to start understanding what could be going on:

    I do hope this helps, and I'm sure other members of the community will be about and share their own insights. Have a look around and see if there are any other conversations you want to join in on. The community is full of friendly and supportive members. Just remember to look after yourself as well and take a breath before it all overwhelms you.

    Let me know how it goes!


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