Has having the virus increased arthritis symptoms or brought them out of remission?

Hi. Am new to Forum. I had a virus which my GP believes was Covid in March. I've been in remission from RA for 5 years but am now having swellings and pain and I've been prescibed Etoricixib. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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    Hello @Wasinremission ,

    Welcome to the online community - all our members have experienced arthritis in some way and I'm sure they can offer you friendly support.

    It must be worrying after coming through Covid to have swelling and pain after 5 years in remission. Covid is such an unknown disease, it could be part of that and Etoricoxib may soon settle you down.

    Other members may have experiences to share, I just wanted to wish you well and welcome you to the forum.

    Meanwhile, you might be interested in having a look at the Versus Arthritis website which has some useful information on managing pain. Here's the link:

    Best wishes,


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    Hello @Wasinremission I have read people who have been ill whose Arthritis symptoms have worsened a chap called Airwave was saying the same (it wasn't COVID though it might have been not sure if he knew) not so long ago.

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    Why wouldn't it? I have PsA which is under control but pops up every now and again because it can. I had a bout of something akin to tonsillitis back in early March and both my PsA and especially the OA remained a constant nuisance. If understanding and knowledge of the immune system and how it works was scaled at 1 to 100 docs are now around 15 but pre-covid they probably thought they were at least in the 50s. DD

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    Listening to a medical expert on the radio, others have been reporting all sorts of after effects, post virus reaction I think it was labelled as, the explanation this time was that the pain was caused by nerve damage which the virus caused. In my case I don’t know what the virus was but two and half months later my joints had increased levels of pain and a two week dose of NSAIDS(non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) have brought the pain down to pre illness levels. Still bloody painful but easier to cope with!

    its a grin, honest!

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    A comment on what DD said, a rheummy said a similar thing to me, she said She thought they knew 25%. That figure will be a constantly moving one?

    its a grin, honest!

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