Hello, I’m newly diagnosed and new here 😊

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:) Hi, my name is Katie and I am 34 years old.
I have suffered with pain for a long time but I have recently found out that I have cervical osteoarthritis, degenerative disk disease, loss of cervical lordosis and bony spurs pressing on my spinal cord. I have terrible hip and lower back ache and my hip pops and clunks and gets stuck. I have had an MRI for this this evening. Pelvic x-ray showed up osteoarthritis of the symphysis pubis bone. Anybody else relatively young and going through similar? I’m particularly interested in finding information or a fellow sufferer who has OA of the pubic bone. I can’t find info anywhere on it.


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    Hi @Katie122 Lovely to meet you.

    You do sound as though you are having a rough time, but luckily you have come to the right place.

    This thread was started very recently by another 'younger' member who has the same condition:

    This one also mentions the condition:

    If you pop symphysis pubis into the search button - above yellow new discussion button of left had side of the post you may well find more. I just remember AngieC as she was very recent. If you reply to this post and put her name in with an @ in front of it like I did your name she will be alerted that you have posted.

    Best wishes


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    Hi Katie,
    Just wanted to say welcome and to let you know that Although people may not have the same issues that you have the pain and mental burden are generally similar enough. I was diagnosed with RA at 26, later also got informed that I also have OA and Ankylosing, now the Ankylosing is lower back, mine is right near the coccyx and gives me all sorts of weird and wonderful pains. I had a hip resurface op about 10 years ago and touch wood my gip has been amazing since. The other one will need doing at some point in the future but its not that bad.
    Sorry i can't help with your question, but I here for you to bounce off of (just be carful of the hip!).
    Thanks Nige
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    A search using the term 'osteitis pubis' may yield some information of interest.


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    I googled it and found lots of info, albeit most from the US.

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    Hi Mike,

    The major search engines are not what they once were and do tend to display a distinct U.S. bias for many subjects. Perhaps this is partly due to the larger nation having more websites but certainly with Google I think economics plays a part.

    If you select a UK Only search there is still a plethora of results.

    There is certainly a lot of information out there and from my own brief read, much of it of good quality.

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Katie,

    I see your post is a few years old now but I imagine you're still experiencing pain - though I hope it has eased!

    I've also just been diagnosed with OA in my PS joint; I'm 32. Would love to hear how you're getting on?

    Elle 🌼

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    Hi @Elfinnium - welcome to the online community!

    I see you’ve recently been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in your PS joint, and you’re wondering how others have gotten on with this.

    I’ve had a look, and as far as I can tell Versus Arthritis has included this specific joint under the “hip” specification. A lot of the information they offer for hip arthritis would cross over (although I appreciate not all of it). I have provided a link below, and I’d specifically look at the “Managing” section, where there are lots of ideas, some of which may well help you.

    Do have a look around the rest of the community and see if there is anything you would like to ask yourself, or any experiences it would help you to share. We all have some kind of arthritis, and I’ve found talking to others who have that understanding of pain and issues very helpful, whether they’ve had the exact issues I have or not. The experience of constant pain is petty unifying.

    Lovely to meet you!


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    Hi @Elfinnium

    I se you have got an unusual OA, I have OA of the coccyx so not terribly dissimilar, if you could say (maybe in Living with Arthritis) if you have any particular issues caused by your OA then I'm sure like Shell says we would find we had things in common. Also if you have found any ways round any of your problem that they could help other members too.

    I find sitting uncomfortable or unbearable, so to help that I have a cushion with a bit out of the back (I also lose my nouns as a result of brain fog or tablets ?!?) I use seat risers on the legs so I generally find them more comfy, I like to 'perch' at times and I use my big recliner to squirm around on to vary which bit is taking the pressure. I also have an electric blanket which helps to sooth all sorts of aches and pains when I go to bed.

    I hope that helps you a little bit and it would be great to see some more of your posts

    Take care