Hi my name is Sonya I have ra and fixing to starting my first medicine really insure about a lot.


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    Hi Sonya and Welcome to the Online Community Forum,

    Im sorry to read that you have Rhumatoid Artheritis. Have you just been diagnosed with it?

    I understand at the beginning you will have quite a lot of questions. If it helps I used to write down any questions or queries down and next time I had an appointment take it with you so you don't forget anything.

    If you would like to speak to someone then this is the Helpline number: 0800 5200 520

    If you would like to go on the Versus Arthritis Website this is the link https://community.versusarthritis.org/

    Hope you get some reassurance soon. Take Care and Stay Safe


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    Hello, I don't have rheumatoid but I'm aware of the meds for RA as they are the same I take for psoriatic arthritis. I have never googled the meds as I am not a doc and other people's experiences of them will not be of relevance because they are not me.

    One of my first meds, back in 2002, was tablet methotrexate, this caused a rash whch didn't bother me but my rheumatologist took me off it. I now take meth in a different form and have very little trouble with it apart from feeling extra tired every now and again. Do you know what you will be having? DD

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    Hi Sonya. I have RA too. Have had for years. You'll be very carefully monitored while on the meds. I take methotrexate and hydroxyxhloroquine but, for years, I didn't have DMARDS and my body reflects that. Do take the meds. They really are worth it.

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