Week Ending 10th July

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They're Back!

Picture credit: @BrianLane15 on Twitter

This week Wales relaxed it's Stay Local requirements of not travelling further than 5 miles from home. Permission was also given for some non-essential services to re-open on Monday 22nd June. Early mornings can now see small queues forming in Llandudno to take advantage of these new opportunities...

1. Have You Had Coronavirus?

If, like one of our volunteer moderators, you have had coronavirus it may be that you haven't yet recovered enough to do much more than wake up in the mornings. The long tail of symptoms from those who are over the initial life-threatening infection is now making the news and some of the "after effects" are sounding just dreadful.

Others do not seem to suffer as much and have, more or less, returned to their "normal selves". With this in mind, this thread posed an interesting question:

Has having the virus increased arthritis symptoms or brought them out of remission?

Do join in the discussion and tell us of your experience.

2. Hints and Tips

As new members join the Online Community, you get sent an email to ask you to confirm your email address for the system. Check your Spam or Junk email folder if you cannot see this email. Without confirmation, a reminder is placed on your screen at all times as a prompt when you visit the Online Community.

Stuck on how to go about posting a picture or quoting a post? Check out our How To Use Your Online Community section. We will be adding to this with a linked index guide and revised information over the coming week.

Lastly, if you want to give feedback, ask a technical question or suggest any ideas for improvements, do start a conversation in the Feedback & Ideas category.

3. We Are Undefeatable launch new digital tools to help support wellbeing

We Are Undefeatable is a campaign led by a collaboration of Versus Arthritis and 14 other leading health and social care charities, along with National Lottery funding and expertise from Sport England, to support and inspire people in England who live with a health condition to be active in a way that works with them.

Read more about what is available to help support wellbeing

4. Gardens

Loving the occasional pictures being posted in the Gardening discussion. Do post more 😃

Do keep up to date with all the changes of information on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) information page as updates happen daily!

Stay safe, stay well.



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    Pulling a muscle in your back is quite often very painful. Stiffness and being unable to move properly resulting in a full week of grunts, groans and frequent wakeful nights in our household.

    The cause was simple: reaching over to flip up the covers whilst making the bed. 😣

    After relating the incident on social media, a kind person sent me...

    Laughing is also quite painful.