Hi new member, just like to speak to someone who understands what I'm going through, was a healthy 40 year old got a wellbeing test when turned 40, diagnosed with thyroid disease since then everything's went south, diagnosed with ibs, gord and OA, been told no link to any of these conditions, told my arthritis is due to my work duties, I'm a painter and Decorator 31 years, finding things difficult spoke to my doctor yesterday again no joy, best thing she could do was offer me antidepressants, not depressed in pain, always feel as if I'm wasting their time as it's only OA.


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    Hi Marty

    welcome to the forum, it's good to see you here.

    You have osteoarthritis and a number of other health conditions. You also are experiencing chronic pain, which you're seeking to manage but your GP is focusing on prescribing for possible depression.

    Hopefully you'll begin to find some of the information and insight you're looking for here on the forum and in other Versus Arthritis resources, including our website. If you haven't already, please have a look at the information there, which may help you understand better what's happening with your health and provide links to further support.

    If you feel that talking to someone might help, please phone our Helpline staff, who can help to support you and talk you through the information that's out there.

    And, of course, you will find among the members of the online forum, people who have similar experiences and people who can offer insight and support.

    Good luck, Marty, and we look forward to seeing you here on the forum.

    best wishes


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    You need to ask your GP for a referral to your local Pain Clinic mate.

  • Hi Marty39

    Thanks for posting on the forum, it sounds as if you have been going through and continue to go through a challenging time. I am sorry to hear that you’re not having any joy with your doctor, it seems like you felt quite dismissed as it was only OA and feeling as if you’re not being heard can be frustrating.

    OA is largely self-managed with healthy eating, exercise and not carrying excess weight. The doctor’s input would be to prescribe something for pain, and referrals to consultants if surgery were to be considered.  It looks as if you’ve had a helpful email from Alan and Mike1, with links that may be useful for you.    

    I have also given you a link to ‘managing symptoms’, where hopefully you will find some further information that can help you:


    Lastly, a link to our ‘living with arthritis’ forum, if you repost on this forum you are likely to get more responses:


    You are very welcome to give us a ring on our freephone helpline: 0800 5200 520 (9am – 8pm weekdays), here we can take our time to talk things through informally and in confidence, sometimes a listening ear can be helpful.

    I hope this is of some help.

    Best wishes

    Lynda 😊

    Helpline team

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    Ooooh this comment got to me:

    "OA is largely self-managed with healthy eating, exercise and not carrying excess weight."

    My hands don't let me peel and chop food and I am unable to stand unaided, as a result I rely on ready meals in the main or something that can just be microwaved or lobbed in the oven for half and hour. I live alone and my cat can't cook, she does bring me the occasional mouse though which I have never found that appetising surprisingly.

    Too far gone to be able to exercise, physios have repeatedly said that they can't do anything for me; I was having one to one Pilates sessions but the instructor refused to continue as she could hear my bones crunching. Believe me I have gone from very fit and active to crutches and a wheelchair, not something I would have chosen for myself.

    Excess weight is inevitable if one cannot eat healthily and exercise.

    I will rely on Morphine and massage as this is all that is left to me. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

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    I think you do amazingly well for the pain you are in,👍it's a shame that your pain can't be eased more. WHERE is that medicinal cannabis for the folk that really need it??