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Hi. My name is Remo and I have been living with the effects of arthritis for many years. Both hips are now part metal part ceramic but I am up walking and swimming again so all good there. Now the arthritis is in my neck and has come as a bit of a blow to me. Facing this new condition has knocked me back a bit so I welcome any tips, information or just a chat. My first X-ray result says 'degenerative changes, loss of joint space and mild retrolisthesis.'

Look forward to any contacts on the forum.

Best regards



  • Anna
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    Hi @Remo and welcome to the online community. Whether it’s for information, support or just a chat, I’m sure you’ll find our members welcoming and helpful.

    Its great that you’re hip replacements are working well and you’re back to walking and swimming. Personally, I don’t think you can beat a good walk ( fast or slow, long or short) in the fresh air to make you feel better about anything! Arthritis in the neck can be challenging and having lived with it for several years, I find the following really helps me:

    • A microwaveable hot water bottle placed behind my lower back;
    • A series of gentle stretches ( I’ll give you the link so you can have a look)
    • A contoured pillow at night
    • A beanie bag pillow for the crook of my neck for when I’m sitting on the sofa

    I’m sure others will let you know their own suggestions for what works for them. Meanwhile here’s the links to the exercises I do each day that have really helped me :

    All the best,


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    Hi nice to meet you @Remo

    You have my sympathy necks are the worst thing along with backs I think😕. Watch the swimming arching your neck up (breast stroke) hurts mine I stick to back crawl steadily these days.

    I also do the wheat bag and have a contoured pillow like Anna. I take my painkillers as prescribed when my neck is kicking off along with plenty of grapes and prune juice😁

    Everyone is really friendly here so join in wherever you fancy.

  • Remo
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    Hi Toni,

    Thanks for the welcome. I must admit I felt quite alone with this but this site as already made me feel better. I'll take on your advice. Thx again,


    PS. Not sure yet how this all works. Is everything via email?

  • Mike1
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    Greetings, my neck is shot too (mind you so is the rest of me) I had to give up swimming as it caused too many problems. Getting a pillow right is an ongoing battle but I do find that a soft, front fastening cervical collar is helpful; I only wear it when my neck is bad or when it is unsupported, i.e. not in my recliner, your OT may recommend one or they can be bought quite cheaply off the internet.

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    HI @Remo Just log onto the website, find the forum, then "Recent Posts". Easier than checking e-mail, you can read everyone else's post this way, and read all the great advice on this site.

    Cut and paste this into the search box;

  • Remo
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    Thanks @Anna for your useful information. This is a great site as at least you don't feel so alone with this condition. Thanks again


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