Supplements for Fibromyalgia.

With a change in pain and mental state recently, doctors want me to take amatriptylin and an anti depressant to aleviate the issue on going, but i do feel it's perhaps being tackled from the wrong direction.

Reading 1 or 2 books, what has become notible is a lack of magnesium can cause symptoms to be worse. Also an increase in co-enzyme q10 and B12 can have good results.

I'm eat as much of a plant based diet as possible with zero meat intake and i do keep diary to a minimum ( apparently it's in chocolate! Who knew :p )

I'm looking at magnesium, co enzyme q 10, malic acid, multivitamin with increase in B12 and 5 HTP as a daily dose with the 5HTP at night to help sleep.

I already take Methetrexate once a week and folic acid every day.

Have you found help in addtional supplements to your diet and what you have been using, where do you get them etc?



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    Hi @PaulW

    Also vegan - dreadful about chocolate though and cheese for me too 😉😫

    Just take a vegan multivitamin myself as you'll know we can get low on B12. Am looking into an extra vegan vitamin D supplement too my sister gets one from somewhere I think Holland and Barrett (sp)

    I have taken amitriptyline in the past. After a few days of feeling spaced out I learnt to take them at 7pm (just one 50mg) they did help with more restful sleep which helps survive the day better.

    Versus Arthritis has information too about supplements:

    Will be interested to hear how you get on with the 5HTP.

    Just a thought it is probably sensible to check with your pharmacist/rheumatology team before doing anything drastic do you think?

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    Hi Toni,

    I have taken Amitriptyline too in the past, it's why i was recommended to take it again, however i found no result from it before, so they want to increase the daily dose. I also took it before bed.

    I will speak with the team this week


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    Hi Paul,

    Sorry to hear things aren't good for you right now.

    One thing that's very important is to check with someone in the know (pharmacists are great but your GP or rheumatology team should also know) that any supplements you're planning to take won't clash with any prescribed medication. In fact, your pharmacist might be able to give good advice on which, if any, supplements might help.

    I hope something does.

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    I tend to take the view that if you’re eating a balanced and varied diet, you shouldn’t need supplements. If you’re on exclusive diets, eg veggie or vegan, dairy free etc, or if prescribed for specific medical conditions associated with vitamin or mineral deficiencies, then I can see the value of some of the supplements. The only one I take, and the only one I've ever noticed any benefit from, is Vit D, which improves my energy levels, albeit at a subtle level.

    Amitrip definitely needs to be taken at night, as it will make you drowsy. Did you mean it’s been prescribed “as an antidepressant”, rather than “and an antidepressant”? At higher doses , ie 50mg and above, I believe that is its main function, at lower doses it’s used more for pain relief and anti-anxiety. I’d be surprised if it’s being prescribed in conjunction with another antidepressant

  • Hi all

    I take a lot of medication, Amatripaline is usually taken at night.

    I take; multi vitamins, Vitamin D, vitamin C, evening Primrose, tumeric is great for pain too, hope this helps.

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    Thank you

  • Njoki
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    Am on gabapentin and amityptylline. The pain are severe and constant now.

    Am worried; can't type with a keyboard because of pain.

    My feet are swollen and feel pain while walking

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    Hello @Njoki and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you have fibromyalgia and in a lot of pain. Our website has a lot of information some of which will I hope be of use. I've put a couple of links in below which might help.


    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on and I am sure that others will connect with you to share their support and experiences as well.

    With very best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

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