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Hi I,m Scott and I was wondering how helpful your doctors have been in helping you live with arthritis? My doctor seems to be reluctant to do anything except refer me to surgeons or increase pain meds but is now struggling to suggest one that actually helps the pain.

is there any other avenues to try?



  • Mike1
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    GPs are GENERAL Practitioners and by definition know a bit about a lot of issues hence the reason they refer people to Specialists, there are few in my experience that have a detailed grasp of OA.

  • frogmorton
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    Yes @rstait2612

    There are other options. Physio and Pain clinics are to me the most useful suggestions l can make.

    As Mike says GPs are expected to know lots about so many different problems, but that's almost impossible. At one point though i had a great GP who specialised in arthritis.....I miss him!

    Take care

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    I also agree, the best thing a GP can do is refer you to a specialist, and in all fairness, there’s a limit as to what painkillers can achieve. Being pain free doesn’t happen I’m afraid. As Toni says, you may find a pain clinic and physio helpful. There are some good exercises for specific arthritis problems on this site, and suggestions for pain management, so have a trawl around and see what you can find,

  • Hi perhaps I am posting in wrong place but I was wondering if any MSK doctors read stuff in this community and if so I was wondering what the treatment is when an X-ray shows varus deformity of the third metatarsal phalangeal

    joint in keeping with probable lateral plantar plate


    Slight flattening of the second metatarsal head which

    suggest a mild form of Freiburg s infarction.

    There is also mild first MTP joint osteoarthritis

    If it helps I am type 2 diabetic and this scares me as I understand Charcot can be a serious problem for diabetics when it comes to feet!

    Any info much appreciated!


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  • Ellen
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    Hi @Totrek

    I am sorry to say none of us are medically qualified to give an opinion, but this information about feet might be of interest:

    I am hoping that you are in touch with a medic to discuss your options after your X-ray?

    Best wishes


  • Ah I did wonder after I logged out!

    Thanks for the info !


    Have become a fan of Star Trek during Lckdown

  • frogmorton
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    I think they do sometimes have 'guests' on here like a physio or somebody we can ask questions then.

    Your Results sound quite scary I used Dr google on two and gosh. Your poor foot.

    No advice - I hope you are getting treated for it - just sending my support and sympathy.