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Recumbent (non weight bearing) Exercise Bike?

N1gelN1gel Posts: 69
edited 1. Oct 2020, 14:47 in Living with arthritis

I never knew such things existed until today, just like a traditional exercise bike but you sit in a conventional seat with armrests (I'm not talking about these little pedals on a stand). Has anyone had experience of them?

I used to ride a recumbent trike which was great fun but a total faff to put in the car (you wouldn't want to ride it on the roads round here).


  • LilymaryLilymary Posts: 608 ✭✭✭

    I know someone who lost a leg above the knee, and he gets on well with his recumbent bike. My hips don't allow that range of movement so no good for me, but my physio did suggest it at one time, so it would be worth looking into it.

  • N1gelN1gel Posts: 69

    Well, I got the recumbent exercise bike on Saturday, did a mile yesterday, two miles today - brilliant.

    Too early to notice any physical benefits but am enjoying the feeling of being able to do some positive exercise in Lockdown.

    I went for a semi recumbent, which means I sit more or less upright (can step in and out of it) but can use the backrest if I need to. Handlebars down by the seat so I'm not stressing my hands or elbows. It has an adjustable magnetic flywheel which gives very firm smooth resistance, just like I remember riding a real bike.

    Best of all is that feeling of physical tiredness after working out. Not cheap tho' - a months PIP!

  • frogmortonfrogmorton Posts: 26,011 ✭✭✭

    Hi @N1gel

    That sounds excellent use of a month's PIP. It is there to help you and help you this bike is🙂

    I am really pleased for you - how good does it feel to be back in control a bit?! This is when you start to get a bit more 'on top' of arthritis I find....when you find things you can do rather than all the things you can't.


    Toni xxx
  • BrynmorBrynmor Posts: 836 admin

    Looking forward to a series of posts regarding your adventures on a recumbent bike 😃

  • N1gelN1gel Posts: 69

    Well, I was motivated to clean the spare room windows next to it so I've got a view over the hills to the west then set up a radio on the windowsill 😀

    This morning I managed 3X the distance I did on Monday! and I forgot all about the endorphins (nature's 'opiates'?) was hungry at lunchtime and feel pleasantly tired now.🚴‍♀️

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