Is turmeric really effective for arthritis and all their particular brands


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    Hi @Lotsofpain

    i take turmeric capsules daily. My pain is significantly high, but I’m managing to stay off pain killers at the moment.

    I think our bodies can get stuck in a cycle of inflammation, the turmeric contains curcumin too which helps with inflammation.

    if you opt for capsules, I would recommend checking the ingredients, they contain a lot of fillers. I use Vimergy products sold through Aggressive Health, that make a point of keeping it simple.

    Best of luck on your journey.

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    I used Turmeric capsules for a long time and they didn't make any difference. Later found out that its the Curcumin within the Turmeric that helps with pain and inflammation. I agree with the comment above from @Lotsofpain that you have to be careful of fillers etc. Especially for people like us, I found this great product that's just the Organic Curcumin extracted from Turmeric root so it's more potent. My flares are now way less intense.

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    I tried Turmeric over a few months for my OA but I can't honestly say I noticed any difference.

    Then I swapped to Glucosamine last month (from the same supplier) and for a couple of weeks - bingo! no pain. But I suspect I overdid it because the pain is back (might be the cold snap we're in) although it's easing now.

    On the whole tho' I'd say Glucosamine helps.

    I'm also trying Omega 3 oil (vegetable based, the fish oil can be a laxative, you have been warned!). but too early to notice any difference.

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    A food additive can take three months to be effective, I doubt if any short term gain in health could be proven. Glucosamine does help some.

    If turmeric worked it would be on prescription for all of us, it is a persistent issue for our clinicians that they do not have a treatment for us. It may work as a placebo?

    At the end of the day placing your faith in something unregulated such as turmeric is up to you and your wallet, I bet many of the tablets available on the open market would meet a standard suitable for a NHS issue as a prescription.

    its a grin, honest!