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Hello everyone in New here just a little about me in 45 yrs at 36 I had tlkr no accident just woke up one morning and couldn't weight bear went on for nearly a year before I had a scan mri which found i had 4 full thickness tears in my cartlidge ended up with osteoarthritis hence tkr .

Now I'm waiting for injections in my joint in my thumb and wrist Tryed splints not very effective consultant wants to try injections before operating pain is now starting in my other wrist and thumb.

Have x-ray planed for next week as pain over months now in groin and hip docs think osteoarthritis or bursa.

In a lot of pain and I'm really fed up any one in same boat.

Is there anything I should be asking my docs as I'm fed up of them just saying osteoarthritis spreading nothing we can really do.

Thanks in advance



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    Hello @Maxbellajess88

    Good to meet you and welcome you to the Online Community. It sounds as though your Osteoarthritis is spreading and you are in a lot of pain.

    Most of our members understand what you describe and I am sure some will be along soon to share their stories/offer support. In the mean time I am attaching some information which you may well already know. Apologies in advance if you do.

    This section details treatments which may be available:

    Some of them you may already have tried of course.

    I am glad to see your consultant is going to try an injection into your thumb joint for some this can be really effective.

    Best wishes,


  • Maxbellajess88

    Thanks Ellen

  • remmingtonwildhunter

    Hi sorry for your pain seems your bodys woking oposite to mine ,wrists first knees next got knocked of my push bike in 95 busted scaphoids long and short had jabs ultra sound.

    In. My case diddn't work as a gardener had both my wrists fushed r in 97 left in 05 only got dull aches when raining only down side was they take or did take then your ilac crest ie top of hip joint quit painfull but once healed it was fine...

    All depends if your wrists are stiff or not i would try pain management first but remeber you know your body better than surgeons/Drs ect...