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my names Lisa, i was diagnosed @ 10 with Arthritis, I’m now 52, the Arthritis I have are Osteoarthritis & Rhymatoid Arthritis, I’m now @ the stage where I’m unable to do not very much, I walk our dogs along with my Mum as I can’t go out on my own because I sometimes fall over, I have registered for this so that if people who haven’t got anybody like I do (my wonderful daily) to talk or listen to them, I’m wiling to be there for them.


  • Aj_x
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    Afternoon @Lisa68

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum. Thank You for finding us.

    Firstly, I would like to applaud you for dealing with OA & RA since the age of 10.

    Do you live on your own?

    During this difficult time, it is always nice to know there are people around for others to come and chat to with similar circumstances.

    If you would like to speak to a person at all then I have attached the Helpline Number: 0800 5200 520

    Please have a look around the other forums as you might find another group that you might find interesting. Also there might be other people in the same scenario as you that you might comfort in speaking to them as well.

    Stay Safe


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    Hello @Lisa68

    How are you doing? You must have lots to share with us from all your experience, I've just posted on the pets thread

    as I have 4 cats, you might enjoy have a read too and posting about your dogs, I'm glad you can still enjoy a walk with them.