Week Ending 13th November

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Well, it's been a month since we last had one of these and there's been a lot going on. First, in local-to-me-news

There have been quite a few helicopters flying over to the derelict ruin of Gwrych Castle just a short 3 miles away from me here in North Wales. Must be some sort of Celebrity TV show starting up this weekend, or something. They have a really lovely-looking web site, as well.

We are quite enjoying the various pronunciations of the name, people not realising that the English alphabet is a couple of vowels short of the full set needed. 😃

1. Featured Story - Living in pain: my life with JIA

Cat is 32, an A&E doctor, and mum of two. She was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis at 14.

Cat has lived over half her life with arthritis, and although she’s never been pain-free, that’s not stopped her doing what she always wanted. Do read the rest of her story here:

2. Coronavirus Updates

The situation with COVID-19 changes rapidly and we update the main advice page on the web site as new information appears on a regular basis. We also sign-post some of the updates in our own Coronavirus Category and this is the place to ask your questions about the subject.

Newest conversations have been on the prospects for a vaccine and of course about shielding as England enters a 2nd Lockdown. We will try to answer any questions as they arise.

3. Personal Account

The wonderful Community member @lindalegs has written a fabulous account of her long-planned operation involving total reverse shoulder replacement surgery. It is very much a personal account and has already been noted by others who have a need of the information within Versus Arthritis.

You can read the entire discussion for yourself here:

There is a real need for personal accounts as we do get asked if people have personal experiences to relate. The latest best example of need is for anyone with experience of lumbar decompression surgery.

We would love you to post about your personal experiences of your life with arthritis, as this is what helps our members and readers the most.

4. Newsletter - Lots of New Members!

Our first Online Community newsletter went out on Thursday 12th November. One or two have replied directly by email (thankyou!) and many readers who got the letter have decided to join the Community.

Welcome to all our new members, its lovely to see you. We do try to answer all your first time posts after approving them, after which you will become full members and be able to post freely.

Do join in across all the different discussions - you will be made most welcome.

5. It's Not Alright - It's Arthritis

The campaign ran earlier this year with both TV and newspaper advertising, as well as taking over the radio for one day. The campaign is a huge success and has raised awareness across the UK. Signatures are close to 100,000 and it would be great to achieve that target. Join us to speak out.

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."

Robert Louis Stevenson was born on this day 170 years ago in 1850.

Stay safe, stay well