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Hi all. I am a bit nervous about posting but it doesn't mean that I don't care about other's with Arthritis. My Mother had Osteoporosis and my husband has Arthritis and 1 good friend has Rheumatoid Arthritis and another has severe Osteoarthritis so Arthritis and I are well acquainted! Then there is me! In May I was diagnosed with a wedge fracture of 2 vertebrae at the base of my spine which has compacted and is crumbling and I have Osteoporosis with Osteoarthritis in other joint's. Aside from that I had lung cancer almost 2 year's ago and had the top, right lobe removed while now undergoing scan's on my stomach and so it goes on!

I believe that the arthritis started when I first got cancer as my hospital misdiagnosed the cancer for 15 month's and I was getting worse and worse. Before that I walked our dog's twice a day for year's. Now there are day's when I can hardly move which I know is so bad for Arthritis +. I have had no help or advice for the fracture and wondered how other people cope with the pain. I have opioid pill's and Oramorph which exhausts me and I still get breakthrough pain which is excruciating. Does anybody use a back brace? My story is quite long and not for here but I would like to know what help other people are getting for Osteoporosis. Unfortunately I have stomach problems and I'm going for a horrible scan next Monday to look for stomach cancer so multiple thing's going on! Sorry to drone on! Covid delayed some scan's and how can a Dr. properly diagnose over the phone? Covid has hurt so many people in so many ways.

Take care all and please stay safe. Danni



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    Hi @Danni,

    I'm sure someone here must have used a back brace or similar and could help you with their experience.

    If you haven't received help for your fracture pain, then it's a good idea to ask your GP for help. Explain that your pain is this bad, and see if they can offer some help or advice. Osteoarthritis plus Osteoporosis and a fracture on top is a lot to deal with.

    Your opioid pills and Oramorph (which is morphine based, therefore also an opioid) are pain relief, so the GP may not realise it's not enough for you. Also the nhs information on morphine says if you get dizziness or extreme tiredness this counts as a serious side effect, so definitely talk to your GP if this is you.

    Best of luck with your scan Monday! Do let us know what happens, we're here for you.

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    Hi @Danni

    Nice to meet you.

    I also had a fracture in my back and some 70% herniated discs. Wasn't much fun. In the end i had surgery for this when I suddenly lost feeling in one leg.

    I wonder why no-one has looked at surgical options for you? Maybe it's because they need to understand whatever else is going on first?

    I took tramadol at the time and diazepam for my back. I never used a back brace at that time, but did find using walking aids helpful. My consultant's advice was walk a little, sit a little and lie down a little. To this day I do that when my back isn't happy. I try very hard to go for a walk most days as my back feels worse if I go a few days without and avoid sitting too long here at the lap top.

    At the moment I am trying a wedge cushion to sit on. So far so good 🤞

    You didn't drone on you have a lot going on Danni. Keep posting this is a good place to be 🙂