Hello everyone

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I’ve had OA in my hip and knees which started in about 2007 with a torn cartilage, and went downhill from there! Had some good Orthopaedic consultations and some awful ones. After being investigated for knee pain, a fabulous young doc said he’d like to X-ray my hips as I had a strange gait. He was right, my right hip was a mess. I had a hip replacement in 2016 which so far has been amazing. All went well and no pain now. My knees, however have deteriorated more and I cannot walk at all without severe pain. I use a mobility scooter which at least gets me out. Six weeks ago I had a gesticular knee ablation which I couldn’t wait for, but sadly it didn’t work. The pain surgeon said it’s usually 50/50 (no one told me that before!). Although I desperately need knee replacements, I’ve put on so much weight that I do not now fit the criteria! If only the surgery was done before I put this weight on. I have got low at times, but I won’t let it get me down. This group looks like a great to get support and advice 😊 And hello again! 😊