Prolapsed lumbar disc and osteoarthritis

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Hello I'm tez I'm new to this I'm currently living with prolapsed lumbar disc and osteoarthritis and have done for 15 years and over the last couple of months I'm in a lot of pain I'm stuck in bed and can only move when I need to use the bathroom I've tried every medication going which is difficult as I can't take paracetamol every time I move the pain in my lower back spasms make me cry and the doctor's are a waste of time at the moment I have to have pain relief that is not very nice to go up my bum I do exercise but in the long term it doesn't help much I just don't know what to do next do I have the operation on my back it's a very hard question to ask


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    Hi @Tez - welcome to the online community.

    You've had Osteoarthritis and a Prolapsed Lumber disc for quite a while = but over the last year the pain has been much worse. You feel let down by your doctors as well.

    My best advice is to ask for an appointment - even if telephone = with a different doctor if your current doctor isn't helping you. You need help with the amount of pain you're in and it's not bad to ask for it. They should also be able to give you advice on what could come next and tell you about any operations etc which you could have. You can also ask for referral to a pain clinic, who are experts on dealing with chronic pain and may be able to help.

    It's possible you've tried all of these options, but here's a link on different ways to manage your pain:

    Please do discuss on here - everyone here is friendly and understanding. We all know pain, and sometimes it helps to discuss in a place where others know what you are feeling.

    It's lovely to meet you,


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    I have 2 compressed discs in my lower back and a detached disc in my neck which accompany my widespread OA so I know how you feel. You need to see a different GP and ask for a referral to a Pain Clinic, there is no way you should be left as you are. I would also get hold of your Council's Adult Social Care department and ask for an Occupational Therapist visit to see if they can make your life easier.

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    I have to agree with Mike and Shell it's awful to hear of you being just left suffering!

    I lived with a disc popping in and out for about 20 years though before 'they' finally did something. Saw Dr after Dr until finally it 'went' good and proper and I 'lost' my RT leg. It didn't work and i couldn't feel it at all. Turned out I had several discs out by then and a small fracture.

    I had surgery at 39 and after a fairly painful recovery I got most of the feeling back in that lag.

    Don't give up hope things can get better, but you may need to be assertive. I rather like mike's idea about pain clinic they didn't exist when I had my operation it can be a good way of sorting things out when GPs can't.

    Take care