Tiredness While Taking Methotrexate


I am suffering terrible fatigue just now, it is worse when I do my Methotrexate & Simponi. Is it just me that suffers?


  • pinkteapot
    pinkteapot Member Posts: 48

    Me! I posted recently about my methotrexate woes, and the outcome was I came off it:

    I had appalling brain fog and felt utterly exhausted for 2-3 days each week. I've been off it a few weeks, and even thought I felt it was bad it's only now I'm clean that I realise how bad it was.

    When I first started googling about methotrexate fatigue, I did see lots of comments online to the effect of "The disease causes fatigue so it's probably that, not the drug." While it's absolutely true that active inflammation causes fatigue, the fact remains that some people experience extreme fatigue as a direct side effect.

    Talk to your rheumy. My attitude now is that if there's any choice at all - any other drug you can try - then don't put up with living your life feeling that way. It's horrific. I was wasting half my life.