First time having steroid injections

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Just recently been diagnosed with PSA consultant has arranged for me to have steroid injections into my affected fingers I’m scared 😱

I don’t know what happens after will I be put on long term medication and what is the best medication to go on ?

I feel like I’m rapidly getting more pains it started with stiff fingers in April and now there very painful also getting bad pains in left heel and under my right foot 😓

im ok and I’m dealing with it well staying positive ect just don’t know what happens next I guess I’m asking people’s experiences when first diagnosed?

many thanks in advance


  • Anna
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    Hi @Hairobsessed123 ,

    I’m not sure what you mean by PSA but wonder if you’ve been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis? It can be worrying when you’re first diagnosed but you’ve come to the right place for friendly support and advice. I’m sure other members will come forward with their experiences of how what it was like when they were first diagnosed. As far as medication goes, each person’s medication is different - what works for some won’t work for others - but you and your GP/ Consultant will work out what’s best for you.

    There’s a link on the Versus Arthritis website that might interest you - it’s called the inflammatory pathway and it talks about your journey after you’ve been diagnosed. Here it is:

    All the best, do keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting on.

    Anna : )

  • Thankyou for the Link Anna !

    yes it’s psoriatic arthritis 🥲

    my injections will be done this coming Monday I’ll deffo come back and let u know how I get on I’m dreading it !!

  • Rina
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    Hi there! Just thought I’d tell you about my Mum - she’s got osteoarthritis in her knee and has a steroid injection every year from her GP. Before each injection she can hardly walk it’s so painful for her, but afterwards she goes back to walking her one mile a day round the park, and she’s 90!

    She doesn’t find the injections too painful, but she does have to rest her knee for a day or so after, and she doesn’t feel immediate relief - it takes a couple of days to kick in. She has been going back for injections for 5 years so they definitely are making her feel better!

    Good luck for Monday - I hope you have a similarly positive experience!

    Rina xx

  • @Rina

    wow she sounds amazing !!! That’s put my mind at rest!!

    I hope I have the same outcome !

    thankyou xx

  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Hairobsessed123

    Good luck with your steroid jabs!

    My Ex MIL has them regularly too for trigger fingers and has also had them in her facet joints they work really well for her.

    You might need to go on regular meds quite possibly for your PsA, but lots of us here are on the same or similar and can support you when you start them.

    The idea of the meds is to just dampen down the disease activity.

    Take care and keep talking. Trust me it helps.

  • Thankyou @frogmorton

    it feels less scary when people share their experiences .

    much appreciate it x

  • frogmorton
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    Exactly @Hairobsessed123

    Fear of the unknown is the worst thing ((())) we are all here for each other.

  • An an update !!!

    went for my appointment and I had a steroid injection straight into my bum instead of the finger joint he said it should hopefully dampen down the inflammation everywhere and help treat my psoriasis as well and the Nurse will ring me in 8 weeks to see if it’s worked !!! Feeling so positive now he also said this might be enough to not go on medication but if no improvement then medication will be in the agenda !!

    hope everyone is ok today xx

  • frogmorton
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    I have had a depot injection like this a few times in the past.

    Fingers firmly crossed for you that everything feels much better soon.

    You must let us know!

  • Thankyou !

    no change this morning but he did say give it a week !!

    I will come back and update x

  • Rina
    Rina Member Posts: 54

    Glad to hear you had the injection - I had one there too once!

    Hope it’s starting to make a difference. Xxx

  • @Rina no change yet I have rang drs because they said about oral steroids if I’m not finding any relief but he’s reluncant at the moment because if covid so he said to give it another week ! X

  • Rina
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    @Hairobsessed123 good that your doctor is prepared to look at every option. I know I had to try out various meds before we found the ones that suit me.


  • So just a a quick update 9days after injection it kicked in !! No swelling on fingers so happy ! Psoriasis on my toe has cleared as well ! Still have heel and pain beneath my foot but I can cope with that for now !

  • Rina
    Rina Member Posts: 54

    Oh that’s great news - really pleased to hear it!

    That’s the first big hurdle over - I hope it continues as well for you xxx

  • Hey @Rina

    well it’s nearly 2 months since I had my injection unfortunately things have slowly came back again 🥲 the rhumatology nurse will be ringing me Friday so I’ll give an update on what’s happening hope your well x

  • Rina
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    Hi @Hairobsessed123 , oh I’m sorry to hear that! It all started so well too. Do you think they’ll start you on meds, or maybe give you another injection?

    I took Mum for her yearly steroid jab yesterday - she’s been in a bit of pain recently with her knee. She says it’s feeling a bit better today so fingers crossed.

    Good luck on Friday xxx

  • I’m not sure in the hospital letter it said about starting methotrexate and sulfasalazine if the steroid injection hasn’t got rid of it all !

    But it also asked dr to prescribe oral steroids but he was reluctant to prescribe .

    so I’m guessing after I’ve spoke to Rheumatology Nurse I’ll know more that’s telephone call is this Friday x

  • Rina
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    Hi @Hairobsessed123 , how did you get on with your phone call on Friday?

  • Hi @Rina

    i was waiting and waiting and waiting no phone call so rang the department and apparently it was cancelled 😞 (no one said to me thou )

    Anyway I ended up with a face to face appointment Wednesday just gone and now being prescribed sulfasalazine and started yesterday so fingers crossed 🤞 I’ll be able to tolerate them starting off with 1 tablet a day for a week and increasing by 1 each week so I’ll be on 4 a day !

    Nurse was really good she went throu everything with me so I understand things a bit more now Thankyou for asking xxx

  • Rina
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    Hi @Hairobsessed123 , oh I’m so glad you got things sorted after having your appointment cancelled! It can take a while to get used to new meds but hopefully they’ll soon kick in. I’m glad the nurse went through everything thoroughly too. There’s so much to take in at some appointments that I have to write things down because I forget as soon as I’ve left the surgery or come off the phone!

    isn’t it nice now that spring is Here? There’s seems to be a freshness in the air! Xx

  • Hi I have been on sulfasalazine tablets over Three months now not helping me at all pain and swelling so bad. Dont know what next as I cant see my doctor with covid. Any advice would be great.

  • frogmorton
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    I suggest you contact your rheumatology team and request an appointment with your consultant or Rheumatology nurse. A lot are doing them on the phone if needs be with COVID and ask for them to look at your medication again. There is plenty more which can be tried so don't give up hope.

    Take care

    Toni xx

  • Sorry for late reply ! @Rina

    that sunshine was absolutely beautiful!!

    I’m tolerating medication well so far I’m on week 3 so 3 x tablets a day !

    pain in my foot has at last gone !! Swelling and stiffness in morning has subsided a lot !!

    I’m just having some neck pain at the moment which is new dr said I may have just cricked it or it cud be my PsA !

    so he suggested naproxen for a few days !!

    how strange thou u get rid of pain but then get another one lol 😂 x

  • Rina
    Rina Member Posts: 54


    So glad to hear things seem to be a bit better for you. Fingers crossed it continues! It’s true about pain. I wake up each morning and think ‘ does anything hurt this morning...? Has anything stopped hurting that was hurting yesterday?’ At least no two days are the same!


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