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Hi all,

I am 44 and started getting painful joints at 15/16 yrs old, after 17 yrs of a long hard battle and 6 different doctors, I got a partial diagnosis of sero-negative arthritis.

Following another 8 yrs of feeling like I was just a checklist and not a real person, of not really being listened too,I finally got a diagnosis of oestoarthritis.... mainly due to my dog and nothing to do with rheumatology I may add...

I can finally answer all the people that have asked me what I've done/have I injured myself? Over the last 25+ yrs....I have oestoarthritis!



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    Hi @Sallyh

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    Well that has taken a long time! I really feel for you it is a relief to get a label sometimes when you know something is wrong and other people keep asking!

    Here's some information about Osteoarthritis in case it's of interest:

    Do have a look around the site and join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    Best wishes


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    Hi Sallyh welcome many of us on here know where you are coming from and have had the same long frustrating journey as you. At least now you have a label which helps . Partly for you to know what lies ahead and how to deal with it and secondly so you have an answer for those who ask what is wrong.

    When I was diagnosed with Crohns disease many years ago my father said thank goodness as he was fed up of me waking every night being sick and having the runs. I had just returned from seeing a consultant who after 10 yrs had listened and not told me I was making it up. I remember turning and saying I was sorry he was fed up how the hell did he think I felt. It was the only time I cried and boy did I cry I felt and looked terrible but I could now get medication and begin to regain control of my life. It is 40 yrs on from that event and crohns , OA,RA fibromyalgia and vertigo are all part of my life now and I try not to let them control it. But the main thing is knowing what is wrong , you can take care of it.