Joy's and Sorrows


We can all say our sorrows our hurts and our pains. It's easier sometimes to try and explain.

They ask you the question on a scale one too ten. But that question is only now and again. We mention our bad days outweigh the good and wonder why it ever should. We say there's unfairness and we fight for our pain just to be calm and bearable again.

We pop pills and potions and rub on our lotions. The heat and the cold makes us brave makes us bold. But still we cry and ask why oh why I dont want this sorrow please bring Joy's tomorrow.

The Joy's they are easy were bright we are breezy its sunny we smile we could walk mile on mile. Were happy it's a good day it's time to be out and play wether running the Hoover are being a mover we walk and we talk it seems never ending there's coffee and cake that we may of baked.

But oh with deep sorrow we know that tomorrow Can with a flip of a coin turn our world upside down. As with a restless sleep it can make our heart's weep. Oh such deep sorrows please bring me sweet Joy's tomorrow.