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Hi I'm new to this site and wondered if any of you had the same problem trying to find a painkiller that' works. I'm not allowed anti-inflammatories and over the past 7 months have tried: co dydramol, zapain, tramadol, liquid oromorph which seemed to be ok so then put on Zomorph. After two weeks the hallucinations I was having were horrendous so have stopped taking. I take Amitriptyline and Codeine at night. The GP has just started me on Gabapentin at 100mgs per tablet, 3x per day, which will probably stabilise at 2,400 mgs a day. I've seen on here that a lot of people didn't get on with Gabapentin so now wondering if anything helps. Walking is causing such pain, even using a walking stick, and unsure what to do to help myself. Any suggestions would be grateful.


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    Hi @lynsy - Welcome to the online community!

    You've had a lot of troupble finding a painkiller which works for you, which hasn't helped with making things like walking easier.

    A lot of people with arthritis find it difficult to get the correct medication for them - there are a lot of options, and most people will try a few before finding one which helps. Sadly, most of the time the pain is muted rather than gone completely, but that still really helps a lot!

    There are other treatments you can tryt as well as drugs to help alliviate your pain. Take a look at the options on this page:

    You haven't said which type of arthritis you have, nor where it affects you, but I'm guessing hips, kness or ankles as it's your walking which is affected most. Gentle exercise - within your pain, not pushing it - can lead to long term pain reduction, but it's hard to start and keep up due to the pain your in. I'd still have a look at the specific pages for your pain - hips, knees or ankles - as they can give more informatin and suitable gentle exercise. You may also be looking at surgery as a more long-term solution, but they normally insist on weight loss and exercise for that too - weight loss makes the surgery less complicated and more liekly to be a success, and the exercise afterwards makes the joint replacement work better. So investigating gentle exercises is useful for that too. Just stretching can help relieve some pain and stiffness in your joints.

    Other things which can help with pain are heat application - this helps reduce stiffness and pain with that. I personally like the microwavab;e wheat germ bags (and long, hot baths and showers), but try out different ideas and see what works for you best.

    I'm sure you'll get more responses from others on here, as this is a common issue for most people with arthritis. Do take a look around the community and join in any post you find interesting - sometimes it's nice to just chat with people who understand where you come from. There's actually a recent discussion here which may be of interest.

    It's lovely to meet you!


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    I have tried every med for OA over the years and have had side effects with most of them, I am now left with ever increasing doses of morphine and even that only knocks the edge off the pain.

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    Thank you Shell. I am suffering arthritis of my right hip. Last night was difficult, awake all night with leg twitches. Pharmacist can't say whether due to 1st day on Gabapentin or morphine still in my system which I stopped taking monday. I am in the list for a replacement. Both knees were replaced 7 years ago and my GP says this is all linked to chemotherapy I had in 2009. I will look at the site for support as you suggest. Kindest Lynsy