Does anyone else suffer muscle spasms in the leg affected by the arthritis?

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I have been told I will eventually need a new hip, which i am resigned to, but i am having really painful muscle spasms and i wonder if anyone else has these


  • Ellen
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    Hello @mickH

    Welcome to the Online community.

    I see you are experiencing painful muscle spasms and have been told you will need a new hip in time. I am presuming this is as a result of Osteoarthritis - apologies if it's a different form of Arthritis. Can I ask where the spasms are?

    This information about Hip Osteoarthritis I don't know if any of the information strikes a chord with you.

    There is lots of really useful advice to help you with your hip.

    I'll leave our members to share any experience they may have.

    Best wishes


  • frogmorton
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    Hi @mickH

    Nice to meet you 🙂 I'm sorry i don't have hip OA (yet) you have my sympathy.

    I get muscle spasms in my back sometimes and also shooting pains in my foot (horrible can't get to sleep - every time I drop off another one comes) from time to time.

    Is your pain like cramp and where exactly is it?

    There are a few people popping in regularly who have hip OA so I'm sure they'll come along to help soon.

    Take care

  • Mike1
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    I get spasms in my legs sometimes as well, usually at night, like an electric shock down the leg and centred around the knee. I stand and bang my foot against the floor a few times and eventually the pain eases off. Strangely enough I have never mentioned this to my GP and it happens so infrequently that it was your post which reminded me as it is the least of my problems!