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I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthiritis since the age of 18 and its impacted my life massively. I am due to get a double knee replacement within the next 12 months and I am terrified. I am only 30 and most people don't understand the pain I am in but I think the worst thing of all is the constant tiredness. I just wondered if anyone had any advice or information on what to expect ect after the knee replacements.

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    You say that you have had psoratic arthritis since 18 and are now going through a knee replacement.

    it is scary contemplating any surgery as i know as i have had 2 knee replacements although not both together a few years apart,i have never regreted it as my quality of life has much improved i am glad to say and after 6 weeks following guide lines and lots of exercises especially for strengthening the knee i was back to a better life.Knee replacement surgery | Treatment options | Versus Arthritis

    here is a link that hopefully will help you.

    please keeep intouch and why dont you go on to our forums and chat to others all of which are helpful and understanding Christine

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