Posoratic Arthritis and the future


Hello all,

I am new to the group and trying to gain answers to all my "what ifs" and "what next" questions. As searching the Internet is limited and medics seem rushed and lacking empathy during appointments... understandable given current status of the world.

My partner was diagnosed with Posoratic Arthritis about 4yrs ago at 31. He was fit and well otherwise. Enjoyed playing football twice a week, running 5 - 10kms, long walks etc In the last year (covid asside) he can't play football, he can't run and simple walking can be difficult on bad days.

He's tried Methotrexate tabs, they gave him gastroenteritis. He tried Methotrexate injection (despite a big needle phobia), it gave him gastroenteritis so bad he was bed bound 2 full days a week. He stopped meds and started acupuncture and stopped dairy, he was going well and then his knee randomly flare for the first time... he was unable to walk and Lockdown 3 hit... the acupuncturist closed. A few weeks later he has just located an acupuncturist who is open in lockdown! She has "prescribed" a no dairy diet, various vitamins (C, D3, Zinc, fish oil, magnesium spray) which seemed to be helping a little.

He had a random consultation with the hospital yesterday... the doctor wasn't happy with his joints and told him he needed a general steroids injection which he agreed too. But she also wanted him to start a new DMSA (is that right?) Sulfazine (sorry spelling incorrect)... he told he he needs to think about it and she gave him a leaflet and two weeks.

She said if this doesn't work then it will be Bilogicals. No other explanations.

I've read about biologicals on the Internet so happy with my knowledge of these now but my question is how do Bilogicals like Inflixamab make you feel? If it like Methotrexate/ cancer chemo/ normal?

What will the future hold?

If treatments give poor quality of life (gastroenteritis 2 days a week! Inability to be "a normal 35yr old") then what? Is the future wheelchair bound and/or pain? Is there other options?

Any support is greatful please as I feel lost and scared and not sure how to help without more info or how to support him.

Thank you.


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    Hi @Sweetangelemma

    Welcome to the forum and online community.so glad you are now part of the forum family.

    Well what do i say,you are going through a hard time at the moment and sound as if you dont know where to turn to,Your partner you say has been diagnosed with Psoratic Arthritis a few years ago age 31 years old and after trying Methotrexate in various forms it caused problems with gastroenteritis,now Consultant wants him to try Biologicals,although the accupuncture was doing some good except for a flare up in his knees.Psoriatic Arthritis — Versus Arthritis

    Biologics — Versus Arthritis

    These links are discussions on Biologicals from others.Hope they are helpful.

    Also why dont you go on the forums and chat to others everyone is very friendly and understanding and quite often it helps to chat to others .

    Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on Christine

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  • Sweetangelemma

    Thank you Christine your quick response and kindness are comforting.

    Yes the acupuncture seemed to be helping alot apart from one new flare. He's definitely struggling since his consultant appt which I think has knocked his positivity as she dismissed acupuncture as a viable treatment, despite good results so far overall including better joint mobility and better quality of life.

    I will continue to look in on the forums as I can see some really helpful tips and we definitely need support from people who live it and know.

    Thank you

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    Hey @Sweetangelemma

    I am sorry to hear about your partner and the severe impact PSA has had on his life.

    I was diagnosed in mid 2019 and started sulfasalazine but had an allergic reaction in the autumn. I was then put on methotrexate once I had the flu jab. The first 12 weeks were rough. I had nausea, upset stomach, tiredness and actually vomited on a couple of occasions after. I told my consultant and she upped my folic acid in February 2020 which I now take 3 times a week on my non-methotrexate day. The side effects of methotrexate have severely reduced since and I feel a lot better the day after. I also thinks it takes some time for your body to get used to the medication which is probably why I felt so bad in the early days.

    Before my diagnosis the pain in my feet was unbearable it was difficult to walk, and my knees would lock up. Wrists and hands were also bad so trying to work was a battle.

    I joined a gym in 2019 to do non impact exercise, specifically a recumbent bike and the cross trainer. Gradually building up movement back into my daily life, getting fitter and losing weight has all really helped me in feeling so much better. The medication came later in 2019 which has reduced inflammation and allowed me to be more active.

    I hope your partner finds what works for him as it is a lot of trial and error. I haven’t tried acupuncture or any other holistic therapies so can’t advise but I wish your partner the best of luck.

  • Sweetangelemma

    Thank you @JB_PSA

    It seems like the methotrexate causes alot of side effects with very little alternative but to weigh up the pros and cons.

    It's great to hear the gym is working for you, I think it helps alot for many people with different ailments. I really hope my partner can get his knee under control so he is able to run or gently cycle again as he definitely needs that outlet. :-)