Psoriatic Arthritis - Acupuncture - vitamins and minerals

Hello all,

I have just recently posted my first post and as I was browsing I discovered a thread on Tumeric and a comment from a lady who mentioned been cautious with supplements and PsA. After a quick Google my head is buzzing.... it seems obvious now that some supplements could cause a flare!

Has anyone else had good results from herbal/ natural type treatment? What do you take and what are/ were the results?

Is Vit C really not a good idea with PsA?

Is Garlic best avoid?

Any info/ opinion would be wonderful!

Thank you


  • jamesthemod
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    Hello Sweetangelemma,

    Lots of info out there some conflicting too, I have had PsA for a few years I do my best to follow an anti inflammatory diet along with some supplements.

    I take omega 3s, 1000mg

    Vitamin D 1000 iU

    A multi-vitamin


    I think they help not sure, but they say it can takes months to notice a difference, I don't take a turmeric supplement but i use fresh turmeric in a homemade tea and use the dried in cooking.

    I think garlic has lots of benefits and vitamin C is also meant to be good, they do say a good probiotic can be helpful too, hope I've not overwhelmed you with info, but that is mostly what I take on a daily basis.

    Last thing I do notice when I eat proceeded foods and sugar my symptoms are worse.☺️

    All the best


  • Hi @jamesthemod

    This is great info, thank you so much.

    He definitely has a bad time the day after we have a cheeky takeaway... which is probably at the point where it's not a joy to have this treat anymore sadly.

    I think the vits he is on seem to be helping... mentally if nothing else and the diet change but maybe I/ he was expecting a quicker result than he has.

    He started on magnesium spray but is worried it's made his fingers worse... but perhaps that's not the case. You're right that their is alot of conflicting info out their and the doctors don't seem to want to assist with agreeing or disagreement with these, which makes it harder for him coming from a family of Head Nurses.

    Is there a particular anti-inflammatory diet you follow?

    Many Thanks


  • jamesthemod
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    Hi Emma,

    No problem I do my best to eat a gluten free diet , and eat plenty of veg and fruit apart from that I don't really follow a strict diet.

    I limit my tea and coffee and don't eat much added sugar I do think it helps because if I eat lots of processed stuff I do have increased pain .

    You can check Hanna sillitoe on YouTube she has good views on diet regarding psoriasis, I don't know if she had the arthritis part of the condition, but the information is very interesting,

    All the best


  • Thank you James that is really helpful

  • Elmbow
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    It's an autoimmune disease so it needs to be treated with medication that targets the immune system.

  • Weeyin
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    I suppose thats were lm going wrong. Cant cook & live on junk food. Mad for cakes & sweets. Pain is pretty bad but not ready to give up my favs yet