Hi,i take Solphadol 30/500g for my Arthritis and ive recently had my pfizer vaccine and wandered if taking solphadol after the vaccine would affect the vaccine from working thanks


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    Hi @lizhacko

    Welome to the forum and thank you for joining in with your question. I hope that you feel like you can keep coming back and join in with the community. We are a friendly bunch and love to meet new people.

    I understand that you recently had the pfizer vaccine and our wondering if you can continue to take your regular painkillers with this.

    From what I understand, there is no problem with continuing to take painkillers, such as the ones that you have mentioned. However I would recommend that you check with your local pharmacy or doctors to be absolutely sure that those particular painkillers are safe to continue taking. I do believe that you would have been informed at your appointment if this was not the case either by there person administering the jab or in the information leaflet. I was also given this vaccination and was not told of anything like this.

    Below is a link to the Covid advise we have on our main Versus Arthritis website which may given more information about this.

    Ive also included a link to our helpline details that you may find useful. They are open Monday to Friday 9am till 8pm.

    I hope this is of help to you. Like I said, please come back and join in when you can :)

    Take care

    Anne (mod)