Inflammatory polyarthritis diagnosis


I have been told I have inflammatory polyarthritis following various scans, x-rays and blood tests. Is this a diagnosis or is this a kind of holding ground until they decide what kind of inflammatory arthritis I have?


  • anneb82
    anneb82 Moderator Posts: 55

    Hello @SashaJS

    Thank you for your question and welcome to the online community. I hope you will find it very interesting here and please feel free to join in. We are a very friendly group and are always looking to meet new people and make new friends.

    I understand that you have been recently diagnosed with polyarthritis after having various tests and scans and are wondering if this is an actual diagnosis.

    I can confirm that Polyarthritis is an actual arthritic condition and from the sounds of it, it is your actual diagnosis. I am unable to say whether this will change in the future, as it is so individual.

    I have included a link to the information Versus Arthritis has on Polyarthritis which I hope will help you to understand your condition more. I would recommend speaking with your doctor more if you don't feel like you understand what has been said or if you just need more clarity. It can be a very frightening time when being diagnosed with something new, so it is very important that your doctors know how you feel so that they can better support you.

    I am also posting a link to our helpline details in case you feel like you would benefit from talking to someone one to one.

    I hope this information helps you in some way.

    Please keep in touch and keep us posted with your journey. We are only a click away if you need some friends.

    Take care

    Anne (mod)

  • SashaJS
    SashaJS Member Posts: 3

    Thank you for your response. I am 46 so I don't think I can have JIA?

  • Shell_H
    Shell_H Moderator Posts: 297

    Hi @SashaJS

    ”inflammatory polyarthritis” doesn’t seem particularly helpful as a diagnosis. As Anne has said, Polyarthritis is normally meaning a form of JIA, but it wouldn’t need to be stated as inflammatory. There are a couple of types of arthritis, inflammatory and not are the main two. There are quite a few types of inflammatory arthritis, so maybe your doctor means you have more than one kind of inflammatory arthritis? Or they know it is inflammatory but not which kind?

    have a look at this page which tells you about the different types of inflammatory arthritis, and I’d go back to your doctor and ask for a clearer definition of your diagnosis. They are the best person to be able to tell you what they meant by it.

    Do let us know what they say!


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