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I'm Jess, I was born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in every single joint, eyes and some organs.

Growing up was a struggle, I even found out at the age of 14 my Rheumatologists didn't think I would live that long!! But here i am at the age of 31, with a son who is my miracle boy as I got told I wouldn't be able to have children!!

After giving birth my Arthritis became even worse, which I didn't think was possible. Growing up was weeks spent in hospital with splints all over and physio with so many drugs. Adult life has been more of less the same, apart from I wont go into hospital unless I really have no other choice.

I had a double hip replacement when I was 21, my son was nearly 2 years old and It was hard work to say the least. I got through with support from my mum. Who without a doubt is the strongest person I know. I wouldn't be where I am today without her. I would be stuck bent in a wheelchair!

Next I have been told about wrist fusions and knee replacements, but im not ready for those yet, its too much too young. So I toddle on because I can cope, I am strong.

Life has been a hard ride, but im making it the best it can be. Thats all I can do, right?

My son gave me something to live for, he is my absolute rock. This is the short version of me, very short! But would be nice to meet others who understand.


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    Well Hi to you too Jess (@JessicaLeigh )

    You are indeed a very strong person! I am very pleased to meet you and welcome you to the Online Community.

    I think you will have plenty of experience to share with our members, which will be very helpfu,l of surgeries and coping with young children alongside Arthritis.

    We have had several parents posting recently: New member.. — Versus Arthritis for instance.

    🙂 Our children are often our rocks as you put it and reason to keep on going. I suspect he won't be the short version of you for long!

    Now you have introduced yourself you must have a look around the forum and join in wherever you wish.

    Best wishes