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hip replacement at 24 but now...

Hi all

I'm struggling with the lockdown & trying to get appointments but wondering If anyone who's had a hip replacement can help... So I had total left hip replacement surgery 2-3 years ago now & best choice I made however..... My right knee is hurting so much and my right glute muscle is always on fire I can't stand around for long and I find myself hiding away to cover the fact I'm in pain cause I'm mad I put the hip replacement on a pedastol thinking I would have a more normal life left hip wonderful but my right knee and gluteus are so painful it's never ending....... Has anyone eles has this?


  • EllenEllen Posts: 437 mod

    Hi @Powerpuffgirl92

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online Community.

    I see you are struggling to get appointments with the COVID pandemic going on. You are definitely not alone with this issue, but do sound to be struggling a lot. You had a hip replacement 2/3 years ago now your problems are on the other side. Do any of the symptoms ring a bell I wonder. Some of our member do find the 'other' hip joins in as we can 'favour' the 'good' leg while waiting for surgery.

    You haven't said which kind of Arthritis you have, but I am attaching a leaflet about knee pain which may be useful as it gives tips how to cope Knee pain | Causes, treatments and self-management (versusarthritis.org)

    But really suspect you do need to see someone to find out exactly what is going on.

    I'll leave our members to share their own experience with you.

    Best wishes


  • airwaveairwave Posts: 391

    I have commented before that people should be careful what they wish for with treatment. It may be an old injury that needs investigation or caused by you walking with an unnatural gait a while ago or putting all your weight through one leg?

    A zoom appointment with your doctor may help? Analgesic ointment, paracetamol and wheat bags all at once will help. An ice bag on your muscular pain will help but doctor first.

    its a grin, honest!

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