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Hello I'm new!

Whiskey26Whiskey26 Member Posts: 31

Hi I'm new to all of this and I'm hoping to be able to chat with like minded people on here. I'm 56 and was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my right hip back in October last year. I had a bad flare up at Christmas, which seems to be still ongoing. I've had to give up my job as an office cleaner, due to the problems I'm having walking and bending. Feeling quite low at times due to all of this.


  • AnnaAnna Moderator Posts: 225

    Hello @Whiskey26 and welcome to the online community,

    I can imagine that you must be feeling low after having to give up your job due to a bad flare-up of osteoarthritis in your hip. You've only been recently diagnosed, and the change in your life can seem quite a lot to take in to begin with. But you've certainly come to the right place to chat with like minded people. Our members have all experienced some form of arthritis, and are a friendly supportive bunch. If you have any questions or concerns, there will usually be someone who has been through the same and can offer some helpful advice based on their own experience. There are several forums (the links are on the right) and you will be welcome to join in with any of the conversations, or start your own discussion. We chat about all sorts of things, from how to cope with daily life to gardening to our favourite pictures of cats!

    I'm sure our members will want to welcome you themselves, but while you're waiting you may be interested in the following links from the Versus Arthritis website where you can read in more detail about osteoarthritis of the hip, the treatments and medication and also some suggestions for pain relief:

    Do let us know how you're getting on,

    Anna (mod) : )

  • Whiskey26Whiskey26 Member Posts: 31

    Many thanks for your reply Anna. I shall definitely have a read of the information you've suggested and let you know how I get on. Thanks again. Katherine

  • JonaJona Member Posts: 123

    Hello Whiskey25

    Welcome and just wanted to let you know your not alone this is a brilliant site and lovely people here I don’t have OA in my hips but just about everywhere else I’m on old crinkly now anyway take care just wanted to say hi

    love Jona 😊

  • MiniMini Member Posts: 19

    Good morning everyone I have had my hip replaced to I’m going in for my 5th operation on my left knee on 16th March my bone is crumbling around my knee replacement and also my replacement is corroded and doesn’t bend well had my right knee replaced last sept and hip replaced year before and Ihave fibromalgia and spinal stenosis with slipped discs and vertebrae’s and narrowing of my spine living in pain is a struggle and I must admit it’s made me feel really old and I’m 51. I get awful electric shocks down my legs and tingling in my hands & feet , I’m so anxious at mo as my boyfriend doesn’t live with me and is in house share and is constantly going onto me on phone about meeting up as he’s missing me so much I just don’t want to I feel it’s to much of a risk as there’s 5 living in that house I miss him lots and if we meet out at a park Hes still not living on his own is he I think it’s to risky & to be honest I can’t walk far and sitting out in cold isn’t good for me I’m feeling very tired and seem to be in more pain where he is going on at me it’s like pushing me and I can’t cope just don’t know how to handle this we get on really well but I can’t pull myself have a nice day everyone 🥰xxxx

  • Whiskey26Whiskey26 Member Posts: 31

    Thank you Jona. It was very nice to hear from you and I hope we can catch up again soon.

  • Whiskey26Whiskey26 Member Posts: 31

    Good morning Mini

    Firstly I'd like to wish you luck with your operation on the 16th of this month. You certainly sound like you've been through a lot. I'm 56 and I have OA in my right hip. Like you, I feel so old. I feel so helpless too, having to ask my daughters for help sometimes. I cant bend down to pick anything up at floor level and I use a stick to help me walk for most of the day. I had a flare up at Christmas which is still ongoing, so I don't walk very far outside at the moment. With regard to your boyfriend, I agree with you that it's too risky when he's in a household with other people. He shouldn't be pressuring you into seeing him, when you are feeling so poorly. I think you would be ok to meet him at a park, as you're in the open air, but you would have to be 2 metres apart. At least then you could see each other? Wrap up warm though, it's still quite chilly out there!

  • JewelsJewels Member Posts: 82

    Hello @Whiskey26 welcome and hope you are doing OK I to have a dodgy hip lol only 45 and the consultant is saying I will need a hip replacement I used to be 100 miles an hour now I'm about 2 miles an hour I would give anything just to walk normal even for half hour you don't realise how something so normal can be took away but life goes on and all we can do is just try and carry on 😁

  • Whiskey26Whiskey26 Member Posts: 31

    Hello @Jewels thank you for your message. I know what you mean about being 2 miles an hour! I would give anything to put my stick down and be able to walk at normal speed and bend and pick stuff up off the floor! I have been told if I ever get to hip replacement stage, it wouldn't be until I'm older, as they dont like doing surgery on people my age because replacement hips only last about 15 years, so it would need doing again (if I lived that long!). Until then, as you say, we carry on and grin and bear it. I just would love a pain free day. How do you cope with the pain? Do you take painkillers and do exercises?

  • JewelsJewels Member Posts: 82

    I take co codamol and try to walk to the shop once a day I know what you mean about the replacement he hasn't said when or anything just that I need one I'm starting to get it in my fingers and my feet are hurting on and off my body must seem to think I like pain or something haha

  • Whiskey26Whiskey26 Member Posts: 31

    Hi again @Jewels I get a lot of referred pain down my leg, especially around my knee. This can be so painful at times and does swell from time to time. Walking to our nearest shop is a bit too far for me, or should I say it takes me ages to get there and back! I do try and go out and have a wander round the garden as much as possible. I find a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen works best for me.

  • MiniMini Member Posts: 19

    Thankyou Whiskey for your message I am same I use 2 have 2 springer spaniels and walked miles but they got old and died but miss 🚶‍♂️ walking on long walks so much learning to let go of things and pacing has been a struggle 4 me but have realised when I overdo things now omg 😱 I pay 4 it so got 2 the point of pacing and keeping happy it’s great having people on here who understand what arthritis is like

    😍 Have a 💖ly Sunday everyone Xxx

  • Whiskey26Whiskey26 Member Posts: 31

    Hi again Mini thank you for your message. I understand what you mean about long walks, I'd give anything to be able to fo on a long walk at a normal speed with no stick. It upsets me a lot as I love the outdoors. Like you, I also know when I've overdone things! 😢. I read something the other day that said....Don't be upset about the things you CAN'T do, appreciate the things you CAN do. Wise words but hard to come to terms with.

  • JewelsJewels Member Posts: 82

    To true sometimes I've got to go shopping and pick uniform up for my kids and I have to get taxis from a to b when I used to just walk does my head in sometimes

  • MiniMini Member Posts: 19

    Yes makes you very exhausted getting around . 💖that saying Whiskey but your right very hard 2 appreciate hope your both enjoying your day xxx

  • Whiskey26Whiskey26 Member Posts: 31

    Hi again Jewels it does do your head in, you're right. I don't drive and use buses a lot, but since my flare up at Christmas, I daren't go on one. It would take me so long to get up out of the seat and straighten myself up and walk down the bus, it would have gone past my stop!

  • Hi @Whiskey26 hope all is well?

    I can totally relate to this as their is not a day that goes by where I have not been crying. And upset about something ie failed relationships or what seems to going wrong in my life. Most the time I like to keep myself to myself for reason that at time flares can be bad. Im hoping to resume to work soon just still looking for work.

  • Whiskey26Whiskey26 Member Posts: 31

    Hi @Mz_Tenacious_

    I'm not too bad today thank you. Hope you're ok? Like you, I cry a lot. I try not to, because I know being stressed causes more pain but I get so fed up of not being able to do simple things like put socks on, or pick something up off the floor. I worked as an office cleaner for almost 5 years and I've had to give it up, because I just can't do it anymore. My flare up started on Boxing Day and is still ongoing, which makes me wonder if it is a flare up, or just how I'm permanently going to be? I don't venture far, usually round the block, to the garden or to my daughter's house 7 doors down from me and I use a stick most of the time to balance. I just hope I'm well enough to find a job at some point.

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