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Drugs and Medication


My Rhuematologist wants to prescribe JYSELECA (Filgotinib)

Anybody heard of it/taking it ?

Any opinions/ side effects?



  • AnnaAnna Posts: 215 mod

    Hi @Rhon and welcome to the online community,

    Jyseleca (Filgotinib) is a new drug to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was launched in Japan in late 2020 and it's one of a range of JAK inhibitors. These are targeted therapies that can be taken in tablet form. There's some more information from the NRAS website below on JAK inhibitors, , although Jyseleca is so new it isn't yet mentioned.:

    It will be interesting to hear if other members have experience of taking this drug - or you might be leading the way and be able to tell us all about it! Our members in the community will certainly be interested I'm sure.

    I hope your treatment goes well and I look forward to hearing more about it, and it would be good to hear more about your diagnosis and how this affects your daily life.

    Anna (mod) : )

  • RhonRhon Posts: 3

    Thanks Anna

    Feel like a guinea pig !!

    Will keep you posted.


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