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Hi I am 82 and have mild arthritis in my hands, and have recently developed VERY severe pains in both my wrists, Most days I cannot do anything and my husband has to do all the work, cooking etc. I am waiting for a telephone consultation in april. In the mean time has anyone any advice to offer - today I have sharp pains in my wrists that feel as if there is something sticking into me, I am not usually so weak willed with pain but I am finding this very hard to put up with. Any advice would be helpful, Jjo


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    Hello and welcome to the forum, I hope that it can help you with information and you might find others with similar problems and experiences that can help.

    I understand that you have pains in your wrists which is preventing you doing every day tasks. I hope that you get your telephone consultation soon.

    You may find some useful information on our website, do please have a look around. Here are a couple of links which you may find useful

    Please do keep posting and let us know how you get on, you may find others with similar problems whose experience will help

    Best wishes


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    Hi @jj0

    Welcome to the Online Community from me too! It's lovely to meet you. Your husband is having to take on all the things you are used to do because of pain in your wrists. That's no fun at all. The link I am giving you is to hints and tips. There are ideas to make life easier in the kitchen, personal care, out and about and so on.

    I have trouble too and have managed to find a way around most things without spending much money but the one thing I really love is the kettle tipper, to be independent and make a cuppa when I want one is wonderful, only on this site will people completely understand what I'm saying!

    Take care

    Yvonne x