Self doubt

So I've have an interview tomorrow for an internal job at my work place. It's a job that I know I can do as I have 15 years plus experience in the field and all the relevant qualifications, but I find I've started to doubt myself.

I have rheumatoid arthritis (I've had it for 9 years), and it's been flaring up lately (my rheumy team are doing there best to help me get it under control) and I find that being in pain and generally feeling unwell has made me start to doubt my abilities and question whether I'm up to the job.

Does anyone else find that chronic illness can often make you doubt yourself and what you're capable of?


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    Yes, chronic illness, particularly pain, can really mess with your head. Tell your inner voice to b*gger off and leave you alone and get on with the interview. You are not defined by your pain, even if it does its level best to make your life miserable.

    You said yourself you've got all the relevant experience and qualis, that's what you take into the interview with you, not your RA.

    You will have to decide whether you mention your condition in the interview, but my understanding is (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that they can't dismiss your application on that basis. If the RA doesn't directly affect your ability to do your job, that shouldn't be an issue. But stilling the internal dialogue can be difficult. Sit down and write your CV for your own benefit. List all the experience and qualis you have, your personal achievements, what qualities make you good for the job. Remember my comment in the first para above if need be, and read it again and again before you go for your interview. You'll boss it!

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    So I had my interview and whilst I didn't get the job, my boss was so impressed with me on my interview that they've given me a pay rise and want me to train to become a team leader (and then I will get another pay rise).

    They already knew about my having rheumatoid arthritis as I had to have quite a bit of time off the previous year due to it, but my boss has been pretty supportive with it.

    It feels really good to have been recognised for all my hard work, even though it hasn't been easy with how bad my arthritis has been over the past couple of years

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    Well done Amy. 👍️

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    Hi @AmyAcorn

    Good to hear a positive outcome from your interview, it is natural to doubt yourself especially if you are trying to manage your condition and work. Going forward have you thought about applying to Access to work for some equipment or travel support? As you are moving into a new role you can make a fresh claim, if doing so within 6 weeks of starting the new role your employer will not be expected to contribute - though they may still be asked. (Different rules for public sector employees). Get support in work if you have a disability or health condition (Access to Work) - GOV.UK ( Living Life to the full offers free online courses that may help you.

    As you develop your career you may find the information on this site of use to you. ADP - About Us a forum for disabled people to share both their problems and their experiences of successful personal development and work.

    I hope this information is of help to you, good luck with your promotion, my contact details are within this link if you wish to discuss any of the information. Working Well with Arthritis (

    regards Maureen

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    Hi Amy,

    I'm new to the site (joined this morning) and I found your post as I was looking around. It is so lovely to hear that you have been recognised and offered a new role for all your hard work.

    I am at the point in my career as primary school Ta that my psoriatic arthritis is making the physical side of my job really hard. I will need to approach the HT and see if I can diversify somehow. It gives me hope that maybe there will be something for me too as I love working in our school.

    Well done, good luck and enjoy your training. You've got this!

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    @AmyAcorn , I’m not sure how I missed the follow up to your first post, but I’m really pleased to hear your boss was so impressed with you. Well done! I hope you’re enjoying your new role, even if it isn’t the one you were aiming for.