How to manage back pain narrowing of the spine


I have pain in my lower back and a numb pain going down my leg to my foot.


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    Hi @Robert - welcome to nthe online community!

    You're asking how to manage pain in your lower back and you feel it going tdown your leg into your foot.

    I'd suggest taking a look at our page on back pain, link below, and if the problem has persisted for a while, or it gets worse or stops you doing normal activities then I'd suggest going to your doctor and getting help that way.

    With back pain keeping active is especially important, as resting your back can be detrimental. We have some exercises here hich can help with back pain:

    The pain in your leg to foot could be refferred pain from your back (your back is actually quite common to give reffered pain) or it might be telling you about something else - you would have to see your doctor to get a medical opinion I'm afraid.

    I've personally found the Deep Heat cream works on my back./ I've tried Voltarol as well and that didn't help me at all, but somehow the Deep Heat one does. It's not hot to me, it tingles slightly rather than gets warm, but it does help the pain. This is not a long term solution, however, so do see your doctor if it continues.

    Do have a look around the community - there are lots of lovely people here who you could discuss what works with them. For instance, there's a discussion here about back pain:

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    I find a massage gun works on my back and stops the knotted muscles pulling my sine out of alignment works well. I still get the numbness and pain down my lower leg and foot but that’s bearable in return for less spinal pain. Hot wheat bags, analgesic creams and the usual painkillers add to the mix.

    The whisky is just for my pleasure.......

    it’s a grin, honest!

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    Thank you I had an MRI can the outcome is narrowing of the spine.