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Hi, I noticed you were prescribed Dicanol back in 2011 when doing a research online, I was wondering if you were still prescribed them, if so how do you find them, do they work etc.... hope you don't mind me reaching out.

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    Hi @Peejay - welcome to the online community!

    I'm afraid I'm not sure who you're aiming this comment at, as you have posted it generally. If you are trying to get hold of a specific user then you can send them a private message by clicking on their name (next to the face avatar) and then selecting "message" on the top right. If they haven't been active since 2011 then they may not still be using the community, I'm afraid.

    I have found a discussion which may be related to what you have mentioned, but as you say it dates back to 2011. It's here: https://community.versusarthritis.org/discussion/27364/diconal - there is a lot of information on the drug in that discussion. It sounds like this drug may have been discontinued a few years ago (I have not looked into this myself, I'm simply going on whatr was said in that discussion).

    Hopefully someone in the community will be able to give you more information on this.

    Would you be willing to share how arthritis has affected you? We may be able to have more of a discussion if you do so.

    Lovely to meet you!


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    Hi @Peejay

    Lovely to meet you, I'm sorry you can't access the archive to make comments any more - they were formed when we moved to this new platform a year ago!

    As I understand it Dicanol is no longer prescribed as pain relief. If this drug is required it is now given as a mix of dipapanone/cyclizine, though I know of no-one taking this medication nowadays. It is not mentioned in our list of current drugs, here is a list which may be helpful

    If you were to share what type of arthritis you have and how you are affected I'm sure we would be able to help you further.

    I'm going to delete your discussion in the Chit Chat zone as this is the one with any relevant comments on it.

    Looking forward to hearing about you and your journey with arthritis

    Take care

    Yvonne x