Osteoarthtitis of neck


I am 78 and have OA of the neck. Is ibuleve gel successful for psin relief as I csnnt take tablets


  • Hi @Saxophone Welcome to the online community!

    I can see that you have osteoarthritis of the neck and that you are looking for alternative pain relief to tablet form medication.

    Speaking from personal experience, ibuprofen gel has not always worked for me but I have found Deep Heat to be quite helpful as it warms up the area. Versus Arthritis also have information and advice on managing symptoms for neck pain including using heat packs (which I also personally rely on)

    There are also many friendly members of our community who may be able to share their experiences or offer advice within our forums such as the 'Ice or Heat?' thread.

    Please do explore the community and join in where you feel comfortable!

    It's great to have you here!


  • Jona
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    Hi Saxophone,

    I have DDD in my neck and OA of the spine I use a wheat pack it looks like a sausage but if you google neck heat pads you will see them they can be heated in microwave I also use a tens machine have used gels but didn’t work for me there’s also deep relief cream maybe talking to a chemist they may be better to advise you,

    good luck and take care

    Jona 😊